Company Behind Election Fraud Has Ties to Deep State

The many faces of 2020 election fraud

Credible expose’ of Pennsylvania fraud

Clear evidence of vote counting fraud involving software hack

Unprecedented level of open election cheating

Google shifted up to 6 million votes to Biden

Democrats long for one-party rule

Ties between Democrats and Communist China growing close again

Evidence of foreign interference in vote counting

The Democheat Fraud Detail Got Sloppy

The Venezuela Connection to US Voter Fraud 2020

The system of vote counting used by many states is the same system used in Venezuela to keep the bloody slavemasters in power, and was used in Argentina to keep the idiot Peronistas in control. The people who are now pulling the strings of the “administration in transition” are soulmates of the people who rule Venezuela, Argentina, Iran, Cuba, and of course China.

The new overlords are chomping at the bits to take over every aspect of your lives. They have burned their bridges behind them and have no where to go but over the carcasses of their enemies and their ruined possessions.

The US courts are unlikely to overturn the elections within the rapidly closing time frame available, without ironclad evidence that the demonstrable fraud actually swung the election. By the time that evidence is available, the cheaters are likely to be ensconced and entrenched within a welcoming deep state apparatus.

For the sake of your own future and that of your children, it would be best if you do not just lie down and take it. It is a time to form alliances and for making sober plans of resistance to this outrageous theft of your sovereignty.

The Legacy of Obama was Donald Trump. The Legacy of Biden will be Trump raised to the power of ten.

Biden’s legacy is likely to be Donald Trump but orders of magnitude more. Obama’s policies hurt so many people that they elected a far outsider to try to tame the unruly deep state beast. Evidence suggests that a fair election would have given Trump four more years to try to bring the deep state under control.

“Biden’s policies” in the aftermath of the fraudulent election are likely to be several times worse than Obama’s, as the powers behind the throne appear to have grown insanely frustrated to get on with things, after the past four years of being forced to foam at the mouth in their enclaves — most of the past year in their basements or closets.

Unfortunately, the populist blowback against the deep state and deep state ties to Iran and China, may make the Antifa/BLM riots, looting, arson, and mayhem look mild. It is better not to provoke the people who do the real work of the country beyond their human ability to endure. As you will see in the video below, the new overlords are promising to push the tyranny far beyond anything this country has seen.

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1 Response to Company Behind Election Fraud Has Ties to Deep State

  1. Will Brown says:

    I believe you may be overlooking the effect the “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” (link below). We are now 20-odd days into the mandated 45 day period assessment period in Section 1. (a). I believe the legal filing made by Sydney Powell in Georgia on Wednesday, 25 November, is arguably more pertinent to this E.O. than it is to the civil and criminal proceedings it is officially part of.

    There has been a Q-ish meme for some years now, “Stick to the Plan”, or variants on that theme. If my calendar is still accurate, we should begin to have some indication as to whether there is also a strategy to go along with the plan, possibly as early as the week of December 13 – 19, 2020.

    Inspiring times we live in, por Que, no?

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