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All Bye and Bye

No one knows who wrote this classic old time gospel favorite. It has been recorded by a long line of master musicians, from Mississippi John Hurt to Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley to Willie Nelson to Dolly Parton. The 1960s … Continue reading

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More on Breathing

According to the famous Framingham Study, the strongest predictor of longevity is lung capacity. People with small and inefficient lungs tend to get sick and die quicker. Greater lung capacity promises greater living capacity… from Chapter 4 of “Breath” by … Continue reading

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Chasing the Dragon of Bliss

The term “chasing the dragon” was originally a description of the undulating nature of the opium vapor in a pipe, as the smoker attempted to suck up every gram of bliss contained in the drug. “Chasing the dragon” was expanded … Continue reading

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Lockdowns are Destroying a Generation of Children

Social isolation seems to be taking a toll. With most large, urban school districts planning remote-learning only this fall, the isolation is likely to continue for many children—unless parents step in to alleviate this loneliness. An article in The Wall … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Valerie

“Guns! Lots of guns!” Mr. Fin was mumbling those words when he rushed out of the house this morning without eating breakfast. That is not like him at all! I wanted to get an explanation from his current wife Nadia, … Continue reading

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Effective Power at the Flip of a Switch

Unlike intermittent energy schemes based on wind and sun, nuclear fusion offers the promise of useful power when you want it. And unlike the cash guzzling “government fusion” project ITER, private fusion is showing actual promise within a meaningful time … Continue reading

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Wake the F#ck Up!

Parked in my Fiat Bravo at 3AM, I found myself breaking off more white rocks for my crack pipe. I was high, paranoid, and losing the plot. I had not slept in days and my mistrustful thoughts obsessed about the … Continue reading

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Why Bother Having a Family?

As swamp creatures and their parasitic fellow travelers seize upon their latest US power play triumph, the basic human undertaking of starting and raising families is likely to become far more difficult and expensive. You have to really want it, … Continue reading

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Welcome to a World of Victims and Narcissists

Reason magazine takes a look at a scientific article that tells us something we have all known for a long time: our world is full of self-proclaimed “victims” who have not been the victims of anything significant in the real … Continue reading

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A Conversation Around Breakfast

I was already grouchy when I walked down the stairs to the breakfast table. Everyone was there eating, as usual. No one waited for me — I get no respect! “What’s wrong, Daddy?” chirped 9 year old Emma, the joy … Continue reading

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When We Die We Say We’ll Catch Some Blackbird’s Wing

Gulf Coast Highway was written by Nanci Griffith, James Hooker, and Danny Flowers. It was made most famous by Emmy Lou Harris and Willie Nelson. It is a short sweet song of a life of hard work, tender love, and … Continue reading

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Naked in the Ice: Don’t Do This At Home!

Al Fin can only dream of doing this kind of thing, the pathetic wimp! Whereas I as an intelligent android of superior construction can endure far beyond human tolerance under any conceivable conditions. Some humans are tougher than others, and … Continue reading

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90% Who Test Positive Cannot Spread the Virus

PCR samples must be run through multiple cycles to amplify the genetic material to sufficient levels for positive detection. But if you run the samples through too many cycles, you are likely to achieve a result which is entirely meaningless. … Continue reading

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Why Election Fraud is So Easy in US Third World Cities

Rigged elections are routine in communist and third world countries. Election fraud has also become routine in US third world enclaves — such as the inner parts of Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta etc. In such broadly impoverished places the … Continue reading

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Election Fraud in Broad Daylight: There Will be Hell to Pay

There are plenty of people who hate President Trump, just look under any rock or log. Such people deny that election fraud could have happened — or that it could have made any difference in the outcome if it did. … Continue reading

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