Lockdowns are Destroying a Generation of Children

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Social isolation seems to be taking a toll. With most large, urban school districts planning remote-learning only this fall, the isolation is likely to continue for many children—unless parents step in to alleviate this loneliness.

An article in The Wall Street Journal exposed the impact of pandemic-related social isolation on children and adolescents: “‘Of all age groups, this virus is probably more socially devastating to teens than any other group. They are bored and they are lonely,’ says Joseph P. Allen, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia.”

Another recent Journal article reinforced these unintended consequences of the lockdowns and social distancing on adolescents, and particularly girls: “Adolescent girls already were experiencing record-high levels of loneliness, anxiety and depression before the pandemic, according to Mary Pipher, a clinical psychologist and author of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls ‘All of the things that a year ago were increasing girls’ depression have been exacerbated by the pandemic,’ [said] Dr. Pipher.”

Social Isolation Damages Kids

It is likely that lockdown isolation is leading directly to an increase in drug addiction, domestic abuse including incest, depression, suicides, and a rise in runaway teens who become prostitutes and drug addicts. Businesses that people have built over their lifetimes are shutting down — often permanently.

It is clearer every day that lockdowns do not control the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. In California, panic caused by lockdowns seems to be making the pandemic much worse.

The corrupt politicians and public health officials who are forcing these catastrophic policies down the throats of the public do not seem to care that they are doing tremendous harm, and no good. They seem to care only about having the power to abuse their authority.

In the US, the neo-tyrants used the economic downturn from the lockdowns to generate hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in votes that were counted and tallied out of sight and without supervision, just in time to elect an illegitimate new federal administration in DC.

Why does the public tolerate this opportunistic tyranny on the part of all levels of government? It will only continue to get worse unless the people of the free world eventually learn to do what the people of Eastern Europe had to do to get rid of their Soviet and Communist overlords back in the late 1980s. Today’s deep state swamp creatures who dance to the puppet strings of the 1% are every bit as bad as those tyrannical overlords of the last century.

Time to drop out of Twitter, Facebook, Google, and the mainstream media, and learn to communicate for effective action by other means. It is time to match public ingenuity against high level tyranny.

Stay away from violence and intimidation — those tools which are so beloved by the left. But understand that these pretenders need your consent to do what they are trying to do. We must learn how to make it clear in no uncertain terms that they do not have that consent.

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5 Responses to Lockdowns are Destroying a Generation of Children

  1. Another Dave says:

    You know full well that the only reason any of this is tolerated is because most of the population are sheep, and they will reliably do what the “authorities” tell them to do.
    At least half the population is convinced this is the bubonic plague and we are all going to die unless we wear a mask and comply with arbitrary lockdowns and forced vaccinations.
    When life still doesn’t return to normal after half the population is vaccinated, the end game of this insanity will be in full view.

    • alfin2101 says:

      What will be in full view? I suspect that at least half the population has become so screen-bound that the only thing in full view will be what is allowed to display on their screens.

      It’s past time for people to trace the chain of control all the way back to the puppet masters.

  2. Borepatch says:

    Here in southwest Florida the mask mandate is pretty much non-existent, and all businesses are open. I think that we’re at the rebellion phase, at least in parts of the country.

    I’m *very* glad I moved here from Maryland.

    • alfin2101 says:

      It sounds like an interesting success story for Florida. The nasty new breed of swamp overlords in DC may not like that. These are days when “states rights” are most important.

  3. Craig says:

    So many (even really smart people) are entranced by the modern media and the “experts” they cite. There is no skepticism of the talking heads, be they news readers or powerful politicians. I’m not saying that we should just ignore covid-19, but we have given it a power that is not commiserate with it’s place in the grand scheme of things- the evidence for that is clear. The powers that be have literally frightened the world population beyond reason. Yes it is absolutely frightening, no not covid-19, but the power it has over us.

    Ask anyone who dares step over the line just how the sheep treat him.

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