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How to Be a Good Leftist

It all starts with group thinking conformity. Leftism is an ideology, not a philosophy — a key difference. Maintaining group conformity is a major undertaking in a nonsensical ideology, particularly in the early stages. Here’s one way to do it: … Continue reading

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Worst Torture: Alone With Your Thoughts

Most people would rather self-administer painful electric shocks than to be alone with their thoughts. In the short charming video above, a normal person was placed in isolation to determine the strategies he would use to escape the crazy-making effects … Continue reading

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Dark Star: A Cult Classic and Its Making

This is the full movie “Dark Star” from 1974 — before Star Wars, before Alien, but six years after the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is hilarious for its combination of gallows humor with slapstick and ultra-low budget … Continue reading

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Witch Trial Against Citizen Trump Begins 8 Feb. 21

The US Senate has scheduled hearings in the impeachment trial against Citizen Trump beginning February 8th. The Senate does not have the constitutional authority to hold an “impeachment” trial against a private citizen, nor should it have. That simple limitation … Continue reading

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Part of the Heart Gets Lost in the Learning

This Dan Fogelberg song was published in 1979 on his Phoenix album. Joy at the startFear in the journeyJoy in the coming homeA part of the heartGets lost in the learningSomewhere along the road. Along the roadYour path may wanderA … Continue reading

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I Was Trying to Daydream But My Mind Kept Wandering

By Emma, age 10 Daddy’s been teaching my step-mom Nadia and me how to meditate, but I’m not sure I completely get it. I keep asking him what I’m supposed to think about while I’m sitting there, but he says … Continue reading

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Let Us be Lovers We’ll Marry Our Fortunes Together

The song “America” was written by Paul Simon and first published on the Simon & Garfunkel album “Bookends” in 1968 at the height of the Viet Nam war. A lot has changed in America over the past 53 years. Back … Continue reading

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This is Your Brain on Meditation

They tell you not to have any goal in mind when you choose to meditate. But that is not quite right. We humans have reasons for everything we do, and meditation is no different. In the case of modern westerners, … Continue reading

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Nightmare on Meditation Street

Or, A Meditation on Nightmares… a progress report. It is neither a coincidence nor a sign of senility that this blog has been talking off and on about meditation for the past few weeks. This is precisely a time in … Continue reading

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I Would Swim the Seas For to Ease Your Pain

Townes Van Zandt introduced the song with the following statement at a private concert in Houston: “It came to me in a dream. I was living in Tennessee with Guy and Susanna Clark, and I was asleep, and I had … Continue reading

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Are You In An Abusive Relationship? You Soon Will Be

A person can be in an abusive relationship with another person, with her employer, or with the government that controls her very freedom. This chart provides some information that can help a person determine whether they are in an abusive … Continue reading

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Don’t Belittle Those You Will Have a Use For

What is belittling?  Belittling is the intentional act of making another feel worthless, empty, and dismissed.  It is one of many forms of psychological and emotional abuse.  Belittling another often creates a personal emptiness and void.  It can create a … Continue reading

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Straight Out of 1984: China Deletes Viral Research from Data Banks

China is attempting to re-write history — again — by purging global scientific records of hundreds of scientific articles based on research performed at the Wuhan Virology Institute. Apparently global investigators were beginning to get too close to the truth … Continue reading

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Learning to Love People You Hate

We all know and love people who have glaring shortcomings, else we would have no spouse, no children, no family, and no friends. We would certainly have no self, since our own shortcomings cause us the most suffering of all. … Continue reading

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What Does BLM Stand For?

Bureau of Land Management? Bank Loan Modification? Black Lives Murder? Wait! Black lives murder? Could there be some truth in that interpretation of BLM? Consider Interracial Crime Where the Victim and the Perpetrator are of Different Race When we look … Continue reading

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Gurus Without a Clue

Three anecdotes showing teachers of meditation in a sorry light: Anecdote One: A successful guru and meditation teacher was hired by the US Army to train its special forces operators to relax and think clearly, even while under the most … Continue reading

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What Is This Meditation BS? by Valerie

Hi, readers! This is the preternaturally bright android Valerie checking in after a long holiday break. “Where does an android go for the holidays?”, you may ask. And I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you! Ha! … Continue reading

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A Stolen Election: Getting Mad vs. Getting Even

Every American should be deeply concerned if nearly half of all voters are convinced that large-scale fraud handed the election to the Biden-Harris ticket. Some may hope the conviction will fade with time, but more likely the distrust will deepen, especially since … Continue reading

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Meditation Demystified

Earlier in the attempt to demystify the process of enlightenment via meditation, we looked at two different ten-stage pathways to enlightenment. Now we will try to simplify the process even further, looking at the process first as a simpler 5 … Continue reading

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Enlightenment in Discrete Stages: Paths to Bliss

To most people, meditation has almost no meaning. You sit on a pillow with your legs crossed for 20 to 40 minutes to achieve a state of dopey mindlessness — if you achieve anything at all. Every day, for years … Continue reading

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Most People Get Into It for the Bliss

Shinzen Young acknowledges that there is plenty of bliss in the practice of awareness. But that is not the real objective. And that should make you very curious as to what is the real objective? Shinzen Young is both a … Continue reading

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After 2020 We Are All Dead

The following timeline proves that after the year 2020 we are all dead:  “A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged … Continue reading

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