A Stolen Election: Getting Mad vs. Getting Even

Every American should be deeply concerned if nearly half of all voters are convinced that large-scale fraud handed the election to the Biden-Harris ticket. Some may hope the conviction will fade with time, but more likely the distrust will deepen, especially since it comes despite non-stop denials and censorship about fraud by both Big Tech and Big Media.

Rasmussen’s poll indicates that 47 percent of voters believe fraud swayed the election (and 75 percent of Republicans). Some dismiss Rasmussen as leaning to the right. But even standard left-leaning pollsters such as Quinnipiac and Reuters consistently claim that half of Republicans believe there was massive fraud.

Reuters even noted that 16 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of independents agreed. And Quinnipiac has a sizable percentage of all registered voters—34 percent—not believing the Biden-Harris ticket won legitimately. Some expect these millions of Americans to “come around.” But it’s more likely their uneasiness will fester as more facts about fraud ooze through the cracks in the media machinery in the months to come.

Any way you slice it, the numbers are disturbing. And we all feel in our gut that November’s election was the weirdest in America’s history. You needn’t be a Trump voter to be disturbed by obvious peculiarities. Then there’s the lack of ability to publicly audit voting machines, the lack of transparency during counting processes, and more.

While Trump’s legal team may not have had the time to investigate, bring, or win many non-procedural arguments, these concerns still matter to the public and deserve investigation. For a thorough run-down of the many glaring anomalies generating public concern, see the 36-page report by Peter Navarro, director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. Or Willis Krumholz’s well-researched piece at The Federalist or this tongue-in-cheek Twitter thread.

The more invested Big Media and Big Tech are in driving their preferred narratives into our brains, the more reason we have to distrust them. Their immediate labeling as “disputed” of any fraud reporting feels like they doth protest too much.

Their constant claim that election fraud is “extremely rare” is as laughable as claiming that human beings would never in a million years cheat when the prize is power. Spare us. The crisis of trust in America feels deeper than ever before.

The Federalist

How the election was stolen

The Immaculate Deception — 36 page report on how it was done (PDF)

A society whose institutions are completely untrustworthy

So what are you going to do about it, Tyler Durden?

What do you do when the fix has been in for decades, but it is only now that all of the pieces of social control have fallen into place? From Stalinist social media censorship on Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. to a Chinese pandemic panic — inspired “print a ballot”, to a Deep State swamp mafia that has total control over big city and inner city precincts vote counting and tabulation, to a mainstream media that steamrolls over the most basic issues of accountability and fairness — you have the makings of an elitist 1% revolution coopting the major power players in society from government to media to university to mega-corporations to left-wing social activist thug gangs occupying major cities.

It may have taken 50 years to put it all together, but when the substrate of society has been dumbed-down this much, the path out of this slimy pit is not going to be without trauma.

After official vote counting had been suspended, tabulations of votes took place that have astounded statisticians and computer experts. These experts have not been able to explain them except as a result of fraud. The issue here was electronic “ballot stuffing.” Votes recorded showed a uniform pattern in several states, such as giving a set percentage of votes to Biden and Trump. Some batches of electronically recorded votes were all or virtually all for Biden.

There were also various “glitches,” explained as “human errors,” some of which were electronically “corrected.” People familiar with election fraud in foreign countries have pointed to the sudden suspension of vote counting and “glitches” as characteristic of computer-generated fraud. The voting machines used in the battleground states have been shown to be rather easily manipulated, e.g., by inserting algorithms to continuously shift votes from one candidate to another. It is surely relevant that in this election, the aggregated election data were connected to the internet and even to servers abroad. That there are methods for manipulating elections through electronic voting is well known to experts, not least in the intelligence field.

An Outcome Not to Be Believed

It was a cheat from start to finish. And now they want to cover it up and make it all go away. It won’t all go away.

So consider your options. All of your options. No time limits, no penalties. Think it through carefully. If you want to go full Tyler Durden, consider the consequences carefully.

One of many reasons that we are spending time dwelling on meditation and the cultivation of equanimity at this time is that a lot of our responses to this election cheat could hurt us more than they hurt any of the primary cheaters and cheating organizations. So we need to be very careful.

Don’t get mad. Get even. But get even in a way that advances the political philosophy enlightenment trends which the original founders of the US experiment were trying to promote in breaking away from the old world monarchist absolutist form of rule.

When confronted with an illegitimate deep state swamp 1% elitist tyranny, we may be tempted to lose our heads and simply react. That would not be enlightened.

Stop, breathe, and consider from a place of cool, peaceful strength. Take your time.

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2 Responses to A Stolen Election: Getting Mad vs. Getting Even

  1. Let’s be honest … these blue voters if they exist are not low-info voters. They are ZERO-info voters many of whom dont even have IQs above a houseplant. Or will vote for whomever gives them a 40-ounce. The issue is… do we really want to enfranchise these people?

    • alfin2101 says:

      The problem is not the voters. The problem (beyond election fraud) is that the minds of the voters have been short-circuited by the information gatekeepers of the 1%. Even the radical leftists who say they oppose the 1%, are doing the will of the 1% more than almost anyone else. If you are focused on the voters, you have some choices — but you cannot control who has the franchise. You may choose to discover a voting population more to your liking, and to move yourself to reside among that population. Populations in several Anglospheric countries are better behaved over all than populations in many parts of the US. But you may not be happier with voters there than you are with voters in the US. The art of population programming is quite advanced across Europe and the Anglosphere. The 1% wants to remain the 1%, and the best way to do that is to keep everyone else in their place. That will be much easier now.

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