Straight Out of 1984: China Deletes Viral Research from Data Banks

China is attempting to re-write history — again — by purging global scientific records of hundreds of scientific articles based on research performed at the Wuhan Virology Institute. Apparently global investigators were beginning to get too close to the truth of the origins of SARS2 CoV-19, and if there is one thing the Chinese Communist Party cannot tolerate, it is the truth.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that hundreds of pages of information relating to studies carried out by the top-secret Wuhan Institute of Virology have been wiped.

Details of more than 300 studies, including many investigating diseases that pass from animals to humans, published online by the state-run National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) are no longer available.


This is how things are done in China, but until recently it was not how things were done in the free world. But now the rules are changing, and even the US government can see into a near future where the Chinese can dictate what truths are acceptable and what truths must be scrubbed for the sake of the party.

President Xi Jinping last week blocked investigators from the World Health Organisation entering the country in a move that drew international condemnation. Meanwhile, state media outlets have published hundreds of stories claiming that the virus did not even originate in the city of Wuhan.

As part of the NSFC’s purge of online studies, it has deleted all reference to those carried out by Shi Zhengli, the Wuhan-based virologist who has earned the nickname Batwoman for her trips to gather samples in bat caves.


China has long been researching viruses that cross from animals to humans. Likewise Chinese party researchers have been trying to devise viruses that can target specific populations of people, while leaving other populations unharmed.

For those who congratulate themselves for living in a nation with a media that is independent of government — unlike China — don’t kid yourselves. The US media is falling back into the quasi-totalitarian style it uses when it chooses to ally itself with the prevailing administration. In that style, rather than investigating government mistakes, it covers them up. Get used to Pravda-CNN, Pravda-NBC, Pravda-ABC, Pravda-CBS, etc. all speaking with one voice.

Government fraud in corrupt city voting precincts such as in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NYC, Chicago, LA, and the other usual suspects, will now be the order of the day throughout most of the federal government. Again, get used to it. Corruption will continue to ratchet down tighter and tighter.

That is not to say that you should accept it and do nothing about it. It just means that you need to acknowledge it, if you want to keep any clarity of mind or self-respect. Don’t let them gaslight you into submission. But keep your own counter-play close to the vest for now. Try to get as clear a picture of what these dystopian power-players of the 1% have in mind.

It took them 50 years to get enough pieces in place so that they could cheat so openly, with almost complete media support. For all of that time they have been using the school systems to dumb down the mental capacities and corrupt the characters of the electorate. Even so, they did not win the last election fairly, so their power is not as firmly fixed as they would like.

But having the media almost 100% on their side is a powerful defense against public exposure. A few brave people tried to expose the putsch decades ago, but almost everyone was too busy enjoying the cheap goods from China. Now that oblivious attitude is coming back to bite.

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3 Responses to Straight Out of 1984: China Deletes Viral Research from Data Banks

  1. info says:

    Then they can claim false allegations and slander. Because they destroyed all evidence.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Even US universities are getting in on the act, retracting and disappearing scientific articles that contradict the official politically correct narrative.

      This is Orwell’s 1984 complete with the obligatory “15 minutes of hate” against the target of the day on late night “comedy” shows. It took 50 years to dumb the population down this much.

      • info says:

        Its because those institutions have long been subverted. Henceforth everything that contradicts the ideology will be erased. And its existence will henceforth be denied forever.

        If you then try to argue certain points then you will be simply be dismissed as a delusional crank or a moron who rejects the “truth” of the party who alone possesses “Objectivity”

        As for dumbing down the population. Plenty of midwits 100-120 IQ and a few Hi-IQ people buy into this ideology of egalitarianism and socialism.

        Lacking Wisdom those smarts are used instead to better rationalize error rather than coming to knowledge of the truth.

        1984 is probably George Orwell unknowingly working out the ultimate results of the leftist ideology. Or it is his insider knowledge.

        So its going to happen because Totalitarians gonna Totalitarian and they will never stop voluntarily go in that direct. Unless reality forces failure onto that system of oppression.

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