Witch Trial Against Citizen Trump Begins 8 Feb. 21

The US Senate has scheduled hearings in the impeachment trial against Citizen Trump beginning February 8th. The Senate does not have the constitutional authority to hold an “impeachment” trial against a private citizen, nor should it have. That simple limitation of government has not percolated into the minds of either senators or the mainstream media. But it will, once someone takes the trouble to consult with the US Supreme Court.

Everything connected with the fraudulent US national elections* of 2020 is irreparably tainted, screaming out for a deep and thorough reckoning. Yet the perpetrators and enablers of the fraud continue stumbling over their own peckers, oblivious to the depths of their own folly.

President* Biden signs an invitation for Communist China to take over the US electrical grid

What happens when a foreign government can turn off your nation’s electrical power grid at will?

No one will ever know who paid for President* Biden’s ascendancy

The government is not the country. The country abides.

Ordinary people pay the price of government folly

President* Biden signs the order to unleash the social justice regulatory regime on an unsuspecting America

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