When Overreaction is the Only Tactic Available

This whole business over the Capitol riots long ago passed the overreaction threshold and entered the realm of the absurd…

MSNBC Host Proposes Drone Strikes Against Trump Supporters

In the age of “rule by leftist extremists,” if you do not march to the conformist drummer and echo the groupthink talking points, you can be cancelled — or even terminated.

A large number of media elites — 100 or so in total — recognized cancel culture as a problem and signed a letter from Harper’s Magazine calling out in support of freedom of expression and decrying the attacks on those with particular views. Then an outcry erupted when some of the names who signed were deemed to be controversial, and others then went so far to remove their names from the letter — they could not tolerate being included with certain people on a letter calling for tolerance. Yes, seriously.

This Leftist Descent into Surreal Overreaction Has Just Begun

It is like an avalanche that is still accumulating mass and momentum. If you think that you can stand in its path and reason with it, you may not be seen again until the next real global warming. No, they got away with an election steal in broad daylight, they got away with burning/looting/killing all summer, and now they think they can get away with anything. And they intend to do just that.

The best way to deal with this kind of mindless ideological freakout across such a broad cross-section of society, is to blow it off the rails in every way possible.

In the mountains after a heavy snowfall when an avalanche is inevitable, the wise land manager will get proactive: set it off ahead of time and defuse the situation.

Clearly our hysterical leftoid overlords are primed to overreact. All they need is an excuse. Since we do not want anyone to get hurt, all actions must be geared to minimize the risk of innocents getting caught up in hazard zones — which is just about anywhere in our new leftoid wonderland of fraud and lies.

Overreaction Appears to Be the Only Tactic Available to Them

This is how they are trained to “think” in their many Studies Programs which exist only to train professional agitators, in colleges and universities across North America. For the leftoid overlords, such state-supported insurrectionist indoctrination programs represent a huge strategic victory of power and control. Along with the Communist Chinese Confucian Institutes on North American campuses, they represent just a few of the many ways that American universities are actively aiding the enemies of the freest republic the world has ever seen. And have you ever tried to invite a rational non-ideological speaker for a talk on campus? You cannot do it these days. The fierce overreaction against the threat of an actual thinking person speaking at university makes that bone-breakingly clear. Students should never be exposed to anyone who might teach them to think for themselves, or so the overlords presume.

On a different track, look at the economy-destroying lockdown over reactions to the Chinese Coronavirus epidemic. The lockdowns did not help — in fact they are making the pandemic far worse by extending its peak to multiple years, and triggering a pandemic of suicides, drug addictions, business failures, and personal ruin. Overreaction is all these overlords can do.

Since all they can do is overreact, it is time to give them a lot more things to overreact to.

[Reminder, this is just fictional satire]

What kind of things might these mouth-foaming caricature dolls of authority overreact to? I hesitate to say. But since this is fictional satire of an imaginary nature, use your imagination. Just do your imaginary best to keep imaginary innocent bystanders out of the imaginary danger zones.

In reality, the modern left is a caricature of itself. But it does not believe it has gone nearly far enough. So, what can we do to help them?

[Satire reminder]

This is the future thanks to today’s schools, media, government, and culture:

How many decades would it take to train cohorts of people who are capable of thinking? Given the sensitive and critical periods of brain development during childhood, it is not likely that these lost generations will be able to recover their wits if ever there were any.

Put them into positions of authority and the possibilities for contrived overreaction are endless.

[satire overload]

Remember the difference between philosophy and ideology. for the past few decades, schools have taught kids to “think” ideologically, or dogmatically. Using feelings instead of evidence plus logic, kids are indoctrinated — with no idea that there is any other way to approach life.

Of course they accept whatever they are told is the authoritative truth. What choice do they have? They lack the equipment to do anything else.

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