Nobody Really Believes Biden Was Elected Fairly

Months before the election, top Democratic Party senators warned that Dominion Voting Systems machines could be easily hacked, with votes intentionally switched from one candidate to his opponent. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar were among the prominent elected Democrats to warn against election fraud in the 2020 election.

Since the election, up to 30% of Democrats and independents have said that the election was fraudulent — many of these were Bernie Sanders supporters. One example of an angry Democrat who came to Washington to protest Biden’s fraud:

Mr. Luceen, a supporter of Sen. Bernard Sanders, said he toted signs that read “COUNT OUR VOTES BY HAND,” and “End the charade.”

“We don’t ever really put the paper into piles and count them by hand anymore,” the 34-year-old computer programmer said. “We just trust the machines, and we shouldn’t because we have documented proof that these machines are vulnerable.”

Angry Democrats Protest Election Fraud

Most Republican voters agree that the election was a cheat. That number is likely to grow as the facts slowly percolate into the public realm — against strong big media opposition.

Widespread use of mail-in voting during the 2020 election is a major factor undermining confidence in the results. While 52% of voters say mail-in voting worked well for the most part, 42% say mail-in voting led to unprecedented voter fraud in the 2020 election. Those numbers have not changed much since early December, when 39% said mail-in voting led to fraud in the election.

Republicans still overwhelmingly believe mail-in voting resulted in fraud. Seventy percent (70%) of GOP voters say mail-in voting led to unprecedented fraud in the 2020 election, as do 11% of Democrats and 46% of voters not affiliated with either major party.

Among voters who say Biden did not win the election fairly, 76% say mail-in voting resulted in unprecedent fraud.

Fraudulent Election Leaves a Huge Stink that Won’t Go Away

To Make America a Socialist Dictatorship, Fraud Was Necessary

Socialism fails everywhere — witness Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba. The Scandinavian countries are sometimes cited as socialist successes, but only by the ignorant.

Scandinavia does have big welfare programs, but capitalism pays for them.

The socialists call Sweden socialist, but that’s just wrong. “Volvo is a private company,” says Powell. “Restaurants and hotels are privately owned. Markets organize the vast majority of Swedish economic activity.”

Sweden did once try socialism. The result was high taxes, inflation and economic decline. It’s an example of how people in prosperous places often don’t know what made their lives better.

In 1950, Sweden was the world’s fourth-richest country. Then Sweden tried socialism. Suddenly, once industrious Swedes started taking sick days. Wealth creation stopped.

“Talent and capital stormed out of Sweden to escape taxes and red tape,” writes Swedish historian Johan Norberg. “Businesses moved headquarters and investments to more hospitable places. IKEA left for the Netherlands… Bjorn Borg and other sports stars fled to Monaco.”

Sweden recovered only when it ended its socialist experiment. They cut taxes, government spending, and sold state-owned businesses.

After economically ignorant politicians like Bernie Sanders called Scandinavia “socialist,” Denmark’s prime minister even came to America to say: “Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy.”

In fact, in rankings of economic freedom, Denmark ranks as more free market than the United States.

No Socialist Success Stories

Democrats had to cheat: Informed voters do not want socialism. But fraudulent voters will vote for anyone the fraudsters want them to vote for.

This anger is not likely to subside. And despite a full-scale media smokescreen and censorship drive, the story is slowly seeping out to the growing part of the public that doesn’t trust the media. Pay close attention to the strident media and Democrat voices who want to shut up anyone who disagrees with them. In the long run, nothing makes people more angry than to finally realize that they have been misled and patronized by institutions run by people who are dumber than dog crap.

Watch closely. Read widely. Be skeptical of “official and authoritative” voices who are widely known to have lied liberally in the past and of those who are politically connected.

A few points to ponder:

1. Late on election night, with Trump comfortably ahead, many swing states stopped counting ballots. In most cases, observers were removed from the counting facilities. Counting generally continued without the observers

2. Statistically abnormal vote counts were the new normal when counting resumed. They were unusually large in size (hundreds of thousands) and had an unusually high (90 percent and above) Biden-to-Trump ratio

3. Late arriving ballots were counted. In Pennsylvania, 23,000 absentee ballots have impossible postal return dates and another 86,000 have such extraordinary return dates they raise serious questions

4. The failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots. The destruction of mail in ballot envelopes, which must contain signatures

5. Historically low absentee ballot rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail voting. Such is Biden’s narrow margin that, as political analyst Robert Barnes observes, ‘If the states simply imposed the same absentee ballot rejection rate as recent cycles, then Trump wins the election’

6. Missing votes. In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 50,000 votes held on 47 USB cards are missing

7. Non-resident voters. Matt Braynard’s Voter Integrity Project estimates that 20,312 people who no longer met residency requirements cast ballots in Georgia. Biden’s margin is 12,670 votes

8. Serious ‘chain of custody’ breakdowns. Invalid residential addresses. Record numbers of dead people voting. Ballots in pristine condition without creases, that is, they had not been mailed in envelopes as required by law

9. Statistical anomalies. In Georgia, Biden overtook Trump with 89 percent of the votes counted. For the next 53 batches of votes counted, Biden led Trump by the same exact 50.05 to 49.95 percent margin in every single batch. It is particularly perplexing that all statistical anomalies and tabulation abnormalities were in Biden’s favor. Whether the cause was simple human error or nefarious activity, or a combination, clearly something peculiar happened.

The media can fool those who want to be fooled. But at a deeper level, the smarter ones will know that they are fooling themselves. And they will pay a price for that self-deception.

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  1. I will add that nobody really believes Biden was elected legally TWICE. The sudden change of the Democrat primary currents where Biden went from Joke to Unviable to Viable to Frontrunner, in like a week, had the same weird ambiance as the sudden brake-slamming of the vote-count on election night. Granted, it took some leaning of the establishment on Mayor Poopdick and several of the higher-tier non-Bernie candidates to pull out to seal the deal, but that’s child’s play for the establishment. A wink’s as good as a nod. Biden was the establishment Manchurian candidate. Old Joe provided a veneer of the viability that once was the Eastern Catholic Irish Democrat salad-days of the Democrat party, which numb-up the masses to the rip-off to come. But a total ventriloquist dummy with sawdust for brains.

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