Americans are Leaving California and New York in Favor of Florida and Texas

Americans who live in Democrat Party-run states such as New York, California, Illinois, and New Jersey, are experiencing economic hardship, high unemployment, and draconian regulations and taxes.

The highest unemployment states are Hawaii, Nevada, California, Colorado, New York, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Connecticut… The “progressives” in these states voted for higher taxes, more regulations, high energy prices and economic lockdowns. That’s democracy in action. Now the latest census data and U-Haul trailer rental data confirm that productive people are “voting with their feet” and accelerating their race to get out of town. The New York Post reports about 1,000 Northeasterners every day are relocating to Florida, Texas and Tennessee. The biggest population losers last year were deep-blue New York, Illinois and California.

Democrats Bring Hell With Them

The people who are leaving New York City are taking over $34 billion with them! That’s gotta hoit!

The new breed of Democrat that is taking over dictatorial powers across the nation, seem to be modeling their new utopia after Orwell’s 1984. No, it is even worse! Besides trying to turn the nation into a one-party communist tyranny, they have also unleashed the dogs of hate.

Democrats have let BLM and Antifa run wild in the streets of Blue cities, destroying businesses and public property, defacing historical monuments, and causing an exodus of citizens from those cities (those who can do so are fleeing those cities in droves!).

Leaving Democrat Hell

Democrats do not want to allow citizens the basic freedoms that were guaranteed by the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution. Their actions constitute genuine insurrection, which should be punishable in the way of any extreme treason by ruling officials.

According to 2020 data collected from two moving companies (U-Haul and United Van Lines), Florida is among the top states for inbound migration, and California ranks high for outbound migration. While these migration patterns follow previous 2019 moving trends, lockdown policies still might play into other factors for why people are leaving California, including taxescost of living, and affordable housing. Florida conversely attracts movers for having no income tax, low housing prices, and agreeable climate.

A Utopian Purgatory In the Making

Leftists have been promising utopia for centuries now, but consistently create only hell for those stupid enough to fall for the propaganda. One would think that being able to view E. Germany vs. W. Germany in parallel for several decades would provide enough of a lesson to even the semi-intelligent. Watching N. Korea in darkness and famine compared to S. Korea in prosperity, should be sufficient for even the most stupid of mental laggards. And if viewing the human organ camps and genocidal facilities of communist China does not provide sufficient warning to those who might otherwise waver on the fence, few warnings no matter how grisly, would apparently suffice.

China was one of the main backers of the electoral fraud to eliminate Donald Trump from his lonely position of defending the US Constitution. And China will be the main beneficiary of the consequent decay that results.

The dictators are already attempting to eliminate any source of news and information which would contradict their own left-orthodox narrative. Surely that is not what anyone with wit or wisdom voted for. If successful in destroying the first amendment, it would constitute the first step toward a wholesale elimination of the Bill of Rights and a full speed stampede over the cliff to the rocks of ruin. Not merely for the “blue states,” but for everyone. There would be nowhere for anyone to go from there inside US borders.

It is a combined momentum of tyranny and cowardice. We have seen it many times in the past around the world, and the end result was invariably bad. Very bad.

Take the trouble to record your thoughts on these matters. Talk them over with someone whose wisdom you have come to trust. If you’re not careful, you can go to sleep one night, and wake up in chains the next morning.

Bloody purges typically accompany revolutions, whether communist, islamist, or fascist. After the revolution and the purges, the dystopia.

George Orwell: 1984 and Animal Farm online

Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451 online

Ayn Rand: Anthem online

Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is a must-read for every youth, alongside Orwell’s 1984.

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3 Responses to Americans are Leaving California and New York in Favor of Florida and Texas

  1. A Texan says:

    And some of them are total proles will bring their retarded politics with them regardless of the facts or oblivious to reality.

    I like the reading list, though I have mixed issue with Ayn Rand. If I had more of a lifetime and money, I would love to start an academy where that along with Marcus Arelius ‘Meditations’ are required reading material along with training in archery, shooting, and some other practical stuff. The goal is not so much those who will go to college but those who will go into skilled trade jobs but know about these ideas.

    It does not take much to elevate yourself above a libtard.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Certainly leftoids are not only parasites, they are corrupt and incompetent parasites as a general rule. The modern variant of leftism involving identity politics, critical race theory, LGBTQX gender confusion theory, and the anti-western civilization mania may be at least partially driven by would-be global hegemons such as communist China, but it is a sure sign of human decline.

      When the swamp forcibly placed a demented man in the US Oval Office, it was capping off a 50 year movement of civilisational decay. What comes next will be very interesting, since when humans are pushed to the breaking point, they often innovate in ways that the tyrannical overlords will not like. When all the tech kings get together with all the finance kings and kings of law, academia, information media, Hollywood, and the pseudo-intellectuals of the national and international NGOs/nonprofits/foundations for the purpose of supporting a demented and corrupt politician and a close quasi-surreptitious alliance with the world’s most vicious totalitarian state, you might suspect that things are rather bad in terms of trust between people and leadership.

      The problem goes much deeper than almost anyone understands. And who will know the difference, if everyone depends upon ephemeral media such as the “net” for their primary information sources?

  2. Rob says:

    You would like Neofeudalism and other works by Joel Kotkin, as well as The New Class War by Michael Lind. They address these topics very eloquently.

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