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Why Do Ordinary People Lose Sympathy for Blacks?

Hint: It may have something to do with behavioral issues. I don’t care about black people’s problems anymore… I’m simply worn out with them. Exhausted by their constant demands, their neediness, their helplessness, their hypocrisy, their never ending problems, their … Continue reading

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New Treatments for Depression: DBS and Ketamine

Numerous studies have investigated deep brain stimulation (DBS) as a therapy for TRD (Treatment Resistant Depression). We performed a meta-analysis to determine efficacy and a meta-regression to compare stimulation targets. We identified and screened 1397 studies. We included 125 citations … Continue reading

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Universities are Burning America to the Ground

The value has gone out of the average university education. At best, college has become a ruinously expensive four year escape from responsibility for youngsters. At worst it has become a training ground for radicals and rioters, set on a … Continue reading

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The Amygdala and Persistent Dark Mood

Surviving on the wild savannah without amygdalas would have been difficult for ancestral tribes of humans. But it is no picnic trying to be happy in modern hectic times with our amygdalas. Recent research by U. Miami psychologists published in … Continue reading

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If Biden Refers to Kamala as “President Harris,” What Does Kamala call Biden? “You Drooling Idiot?”

There Is No Biden Administration A basic problem with the Biden administration is that there really isn’t one. Like most journalists I use the term as a formality, but the White House site calls it the Biden-Harris Administration. It’s not … Continue reading

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The Waking Trance Revisited

First published on the original Al Fin blog in 2012 Human consciousness is an odd pickle. We all experience it every waking day, but no one understands it well enough to build a good imitation. What are we missing? Quite … Continue reading

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What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?

After months of insurrection theater combined with a fake impeachment trial, inquiring minds would like to know: If the fraudulent election of November 2020 were truly contested by armed insurrection, what would it look like? Consider the visual contrast between … Continue reading

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A Life of Everlasting Lockdowns Under Biden?

Death and Lockdowns What Could Go Wrong? Update: One cannot understand the debate over lockdowns without considering the $trillions of bailout dollars being transferred to state governments under the name of COVID relief. It is well known that lockdowns destroy … Continue reading

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Is it a Trance? Or is it Meditation?

It makes a huge difference to your brain whether you are sitting there meditating, or whether you are just spinning your wheels in an aimless trance. Meditation enlarges your prefrontal cortex executive functions, boosts your hippocampal memory centers, grows your … Continue reading

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Can Your Cinnamon Do This?

Can your cinnamon prevent Alzheimer’s, cure cancer before it starts, control type II diabetes, reverse some effects of Traumatic Brain Injury, prevent heart disease, make you smarter, and promote healthy weight loss? Cinnamon contains vital oils and derivatives which makes … Continue reading

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If We Cannot Solve Our Problems on the Same Level of Thinking that We Created Them then What Do We Do?

One of the largest problems needing to be solved is that most of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful elites do not want real problems to be solved at all. “A great crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” as … Continue reading

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Test Launch of SpaceX Starship SN10 a Thing of Beauty

Update: After a successful launch, test flight, and landing, the successful rocket exploded on the pad. I guess that one will not be re-used 😉 . Despite the grand finale, the overall message of the test flight was that the … Continue reading

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They Cannot Help But Go Too Far

Over the years, Maher’s audiences have always been trained seals, reliably clapping at every hard left, anti-George Bush, anti-Trump, pro-Obama statement the host utters. But this time, he said that the BLM rap pushing Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) on American society … Continue reading

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