What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?

After months of insurrection theater combined with a fake impeachment trial, inquiring minds would like to know: If the fraudulent election of November 2020 were truly contested by armed insurrection, what would it look like?

Consider the visual contrast between a legally won election and a stolen election. No blood is shown being spilled, although behind the scenes you can be sure that plenty of people will be harmed by such corruption at the highest levels of municipal, state, and federal governments.

A real armed insurrection would not look so pretty. There would be dead bodies by the tens of thousands, just to start. And where it would all end there is not way to predict.

I have a friend, lives not too far from me and many of you will probably know of whom I speak, who could by himself arm a reinforced company or a light battalion (at least–that was based on the last count I had from him which was some time ago). By himself. And while it would be somewhat weak on crew-served weapons for units of that size it wouldn’t be entirely lacking in that department either.

I know more who could arm at least a rather eclectic squad where everyone would have something to shoot.

I have friends who have dealt firsthand with actual insurgencies. They know what works, and what doesn’t.

Writer in Black

I heard about the “insurrection” a day or two after it happened, and took minimal interest in it, because it was clear from the briefest description that it was nothing more than a “flash mob” with the piling on by unknown unsavory elements. A real insurrection would have been something else again.

What unsavory elements instigated the fake insurrection and to what purpose?

The attack began some twenty-minutes before the former President finished his speech.  Others observed a noticeable lack of law enforcement presence that is usually SOP for these “peaceful rallies and protests” around the Capitol. MAGA supporters were calling out Antifa members as the Capitol was breached. In the video below, a MAGA supporter desperately yells at police in riot gear, “Call for backup… this is our damn Capitol building… you are letting it get destroyed!”  It is clear they were not engaging.  In all likelihood, they were ordered to maintain that position. 

There are many videos of radical leftist, anti-Trump, John Sullivan before and during the attack inciting people to burn the Capital down and pull Trump from the building.  Sullivan is seen inside the Capitol, further instigating violence. Investigative reporter Andy Ngo was one of the first to identify Sullivan at the Capitol.  Sullivan in a Twitter post in the OAN video clip is wearing a Trump supporter hat with a caption, “Counter Intel.” This photo appears to be taken in a hotel hallway.  The media has mostly ignored that anti-Trump infiltrators were wearing MAGA gear.

An Insurrection Only the Media Could Create

So we see that Antifa and other radical leftists were front and center on the scene during the attack, as infiltrators flying “false flags.” It has all the markings of a “made for the media” mock-up, to be edited into an insurrection that only an idiot would believe.

What Would a Real Insurrection Look Like?

If there were an armed insurrection, you wouldn’t need politicians and media pundits to tell you. Did the people of Beirut need to be told that an insurrection was going on? Did the people of Northern Ireland need the BBC to inform them that the IRA was engaged in insurrection? No. They knew because of what was happening around them.

So, if you need the media, if you need pundits and political leaders, to tell you that “it’s an armed insurrection”, then it isn’t.


What kind of person believes anything they hear from the media these days? There is no substitute for real world experience, but today’s snowflakes will never get that — until it’s too late for them to learn anything from it.

There was never any real threat

Most “rioters” were from blue state Biden strongholds

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