Universities are Burning America to the Ground

The value has gone out of the average university education. At best, college has become a ruinously expensive four year escape from responsibility for youngsters. At worst it has become a training ground for radicals and rioters, set on a trajectory to burn and destroy.

As college educations progressively lose any productive value for students and their families, the universities are sucking out the financial life’s blood of an entire society.

But [average Americans] notice that the schools are teaching their children less than they had been taught. They have been mortgaging the house to pay for college. Their children’s student loans mortgage their future. But the colleges have produced mostly worthless degrees while credentialing a generation of oligarchs who pretend to control other people’s lives. Remedying this is high on the Smiths’ to-do list, and more within their power than most other things.


Student loan debt exceeds credit card debt and car loan debt. Only mortgage loans are higher in total debt balance. Politicians are talking about “forgiving” student loan debt, as if they can magically wave away the losses of entire generations. Notice that the pols do not talk about reforming universities to make sure that the schools provide value to students so that they will be able to earn a living and pay off their debts.

Universities will be allowed to continue to destroy lives with their dysfunctional indoctrination:

Critical Race Theory abounds in schools to teach children they are either victims or oppressors. And the new elite tells us that grading students based on getting the right answer in math class is White supremacy.


When college educated rioters took to the streets to burn cities in the summer and fall of 2020, many university administrators and faculty took pride in the results of their work. They may as well. After years of running up large debts, the “students” were not good for much else than rioting anyway.

The large majority of university students are already acolytes of the left. Now, we just need to give a little push to silence the little remaining dissent and make the victory unanimous. The push will consist of some bland sounding course requirements (“diversity training”) and some hard-to-restrict control over grading. Oh, and the regular public humiliation, on the basis of skin color, of a large number of students, many of whom would have been among the better students if graded on the traditional methods.

Are you really sure this is going to work? It sounds to me more like a prescription for suicide, although perhaps a suicide that will take some long period of time to play out.

A Victorious Suicide?

These poor riotous sods will move on to jobs in corporations and non-profits, where they will continue to excel at tearing things apart and burning things down. Anything but creating the prosperity that their scorned predecessors worked so hard for.

This prosperity is not just an end in itself. As Heritage President Kay C. James has written, “Prosperous peoples have the resources to take better care of their poor and their environments, create better health care and education systems, ensure an abundance of food and clean water, and solve many of the other societal problems that nations face, and that makes life better for all people.”

There is a right side in all of this. All clear thinkers and property owners – shareowners, employees, and investors – need to speak up. Don’t be silenced by loud voices from the statist, progressive Left.  Their stakeholder claims carry no legal, ethical, or moral authority.

Experience teaches that even the best efforts of central planners and bureaucrats are unlikely to lead to sustainable growth and benefits. Centralization of power and decision making anywhere destroys the moral autonomy of human beings.


If you want to know what is going on in universities these days, check out these web sites:

Academic Freedom Alliance

Campus Reform

F.I.R.E (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)

Heterodox Academy

In 2015, the University of Chicago released a statement affirming the centrality of free speech in education. Six years later, only 81 of the 4,000-plus US higher-education institutions have adopted or endorsed it.


If universities no longer provide a place for young people to be exposed to a wide range of points of view in order for them to learn to think for themselves according to their own conscience, then what good are universities?

To all appearances, universities are doing their best — along with the media and the US government* — to burn the country to the ground. Perhaps the people of the real country outside the parasitic beltway and its inbred cousins should wake up and decide what to do about “the tail trying to wag the dog.”

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