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A Deeper Level: Conversation Without Words

What are some alternative ways that we can use to understand each other and the world around us, besides using words in verbal communication? First, consider nonverbal communication in general: Facial Expressions Tone of voice, inflection, etc. Posture, Body Language … Continue reading

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It’s Nice to Know I Can Still Scare People

Fear can be a difficult emotion to work with. It tends to make people squirm. They want to get away, to someplace more comfortable. There are a lot of dysfunctional relationships people can have with fear. Here is one of … Continue reading

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The Smartphone Generation: Human Brain Optional

An eighth-grade teacher tells me that for many years she has had successive classes of students read the same book, Edith Hamilton’s Mythology. Her students have loved it — until five years ago or so. “I started to see kids … Continue reading

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How Belief Systems Crumble

Human belief systems are fascinating things. Whether they last a lifetime or whether they are demolished and rebuilt every few years, they all share some things in common. A belief system is ordinarily built from many separate pieces, like a … Continue reading

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Graphic Summary of 2020 US Election

They try to scrub the truth from most large media sources, but the corrupt and illegitimate government* and its media lackeys will find that the people do not forget so easily. Image Source Updated source for information documenting fraud in … Continue reading

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