When Will We Ever Know What’s True?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

The western world is in the middle of a year + game of playing the fool to governments, media, public health agencies, and the rest of the gang of [elite?!] racketeers who have seized control of the highest levels of societies.

We are learning more every day about how the Chinese viral pandemic out of Wuhan did not justify the extreme measures thrust on us by our “betters.” We are learning more ways that government lockdowns increased death rates. Businesses have been destroyed by the millions, economies have been shredded, and freedom itself is in tatters.

We are getting tired of obeying the nonsensical, extreme, and corrupt dictates of fools. Unfortunately, the fools in this case are running things and show no sign of letting up on their idiocy. The fingerprints of the leftist demolition squad are all over this debacle, with the leftist base fully on board for years more of masks, lockdowns, and economic murder.

The spring of 2021 is different from the spring of 2020, though. Scientists know a lot more about how COVID-19 spreads—and how it doesn’t. Public-health advice is shifting. But some progressives have not updated their behavior based on the new information. And in their eagerness to protect themselves and others, they may be underestimating other costs. Being extra careful about COVID-19 is (mostly) harmless when it’s limited to wiping down your groceries with Lysol wipes and wearing a mask in places where you’re unlikely to spread the coronavirus, such as on a hiking trail. But vigilance can have unintended consequences when it imposes on other people’s lives. Even as scientific knowledge of COVID-19 has increased, some progressives have continued to embrace policies and behaviors that aren’t supported by evidence, such as banning access to playgrounds, closing beaches, and refusing to reopen schools for in-person learning.

The Atlantic

Masks without end!

The US Centers for Disease Control has forgotten its main mandate, and just like every other government agency is trying to expand its authority to the edge of insanity. The actions of multiple public health agencies in many nations, states, and provinces has been the image of ignorance and shame — to say nothing of economic destruction.

The general public can put up with a great deal. But the crimes perpetrated upon the public by government, media, and health authorities combined with the associated election fraud last November, has gone far beyond what can be tolerated.

The US government* currently in nominal control has the choice of proceeding down the path of unsupported covid-related attacks on personal and group freedoms of citizens and businesses, or it can begin to face up to the fact that a reckoning is building at grass roots levels. Government abuses under the cover of media disinformation can continue for a surprising period of time, even while millions are being hurt and large numbers are dying as a result.

But even those who are ordinarily fools for everything they hear from government, media, academia, etc. do not always stay fooled.

When will we ever know what’s true? Difficult to say. But when that happens, there are large numbers of swamp creatures who will be left high and dry.


Top 10 COVID absurdities?

That’s ridiculous! You have to go a lot higher than 10. For some of the crimes committed under the cover of COVID, there are no penalties severe enough.

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