You Will Be Assimilated; Resistance is Futile

Whether it is the Borg Collective or a modular cluster of the world’s tallest buildings, integrated modular innovation is the most likely scenario for a massive disruptive shift in world reality.

The Broad Group in China has achieved remarkable results in the field of rapid construction of light weight-high strength-low cost tall buildings. But it does not require one to be an expert in the multiple types of innovation to understand that this approach to innovation has applications in multiple areas of human enterprise.

The Chinese have demonstrated excellent skills in specific types of innovation, including the application of gradual and incremental innovation to modular systems — such as the modular approach to constructing high rise buildings — from ten stories high all the way up to 200 stories and higher! In fact, taking the modular approach, the limits to this approach to high rise construction have not been discovered yet.

Or, consider a modular approach to building weapons systems. Such an approach can be used to design and build a wide range of weapons systems for use on land, sea, air, and in space. Here at Al Fin, we have discussed the use of weapons swarms many times, which is a simple form of modular weapons systems. Imagine a swarm of advanced hypersonic missile delivery systems descending on your capital city, and you may understand why the Chinese are so upset over the US DARPA’s latest weapons system proposal.

This is what the Chinese are currently complaining about — although it is likely that they are crying crocodile tears in the midst of mock hysteria. Why? Because the Chinese are uniquely well positioned to manufacture modular weapons swarms, out of all the nations on Earth. They just need to perfect their approach significantly.

The only thing worse than being inundated by large swarms of modular weapons drones, is being inundated by large modular swarms of SMART weapons drones that are more nimble than any defense you have even dreamed of.

Armed, fully-autonomous drone swarms are future weapons of mass destruction. While they are unlikely to achieve the scale of harm as the Tsar Bomba, the famous Soviet hydrogen bomb, or most other major nuclear weapons, swarms could cause the same level of destruction, death, and injury as the nuclear weapons used in Nagasaki and Hiroshima—that is tens-of-thousands of deaths. This is because drone swarms combine two properties unique to traditional weapons of mass destruction: mass harm and a lack of control to ensure the weapons do not harm civilians.

Countries are already putting together very large groupings of drones. In India’s recent Army Day Parade, the government demonstrated what it claimed is a true drone swarm of 75 drones and expressed the intent to scale the swarm to more than 1,000 units. The US Naval Postgraduate School is also exploring the potential for swarms of one million drones operating at sea, under sea, and in the air. To hit Nagasaki levels of potential harm, a drone swarm would only need 39,000 armed drones, and perhaps fewer if the drones had explosives capable of harming multiple people. That might seem like a lot, but China already holds a Guinness World Record for flying 3,051 pre-programmed drones at once.


There are several things holding the Chinese back from achieving rapid global dominance using overwhelming numbers of modular weapons drone systems and other modular weapons systems. But those problems are not insurmountable, given enough time and enough limp complicity by Europe and the Anglosphere. Given how thoroughly infiltrated those polities are by Chinese agents, the complicity is abundant, and growing.

China does well with incremental innovation and modular scaling. For 95% global dominance, that would be enough. But China also needs to dominate the stronger nations of Europe and North America — not to mention Japan. Not just dominate, but dominate overwhelmingly.

Massive manufacturing overcapacity might work if the weapons systems were tough enough and effective enough. The weapons don’t have to be the best in the world. Just good enough and numerous enough. The modular drone approach is the most likely achievable approach, and the Chinese can do that given the time and outside assistance — and economic assistance being given it by international corporations and by many European nations.

Use your imagination. Watch the high rise going up in the video above, and then imagine such modular ingenuity being applied to massive clouds of weapons drones approaching your home town by air, sea, land, and from outer space.

If we follow our current political and economic course, we will give the Chinese more than enough time and help to scale up to global dominance, using modular weapons technologies. Yes, these technologies are not as destructive as megaton scale nuclear weapons. But they are more targeted, and will leave you something to work with after you clean up the battlefield.

Go on, drag your feet. Close your eyes. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

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2 Responses to You Will Be Assimilated; Resistance is Futile

  1. Two concepts for you: they don’t control their resources, i.e., they don’t and can’t control the sea lanes to the resources they need AND they are about to head of a demographic cliff. The Chinese aren’t to be feared but pitied.

  2. alfin2101 says:

    And in the middle of World War II it was obvious that Nazi Germany was doomed, to those who had access to the most relevant information. But I would not have gone to Dachau to tell the inmates to pity the poor Nazis.
    The horror that comes between now and the end of Communist China should not be dismissed lightly.

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