Latest Research Shows Lockdowns Killed More People

The term being used is “excess deaths.” During the Chinese-sourced COVID viral pandemic, it has been discovered that lockdowns — or shelter in place (SIP) — caused more excess deaths than occurred without the lockdowns.

A recent study looking at 43 countries and all US states concluded that there was an increase in excess mortality after implementation of lockdown policies.

The paper, “The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Policy Responses on Excess Mortality,” uses excess death data from 43 countries and all US states to run an event study framework and determine whether there was a significant change in excess deaths after SIP implementation.

The research, while finding slight differences in SIP impact across states and countries, concludes that “following the implementation of SIP policies, excess mortality increases.” This finding runs counter to the general claims from those supportive of SIP policies. Further, they note that the research did not produce an observable difference in excess death trends before and after the SIP was implemented. They explain that “when comparing across countries, we observe a general upward trend, indicating that countries with a longer duration of SIP policies are the ones with higher excess deaths per 100,000 residents in the 24 weeks following [the first] COVID-19 death.”


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Forced lockdowns and hellish social isolation practices were meant to stop the viral pandemic in its tracks. Instead, these draconian dictates appear to have increased mortality from multiple causes — including from the Chinese lab-spilled SARS-2 virus itself.

Below is a chart revealing the typical causes of death rankings worldwide.

Lockdown policies crippled conventional health services around the world, undoubtedly causing untold numbers of unnecessary deaths from all of the causes listed above. Perhaps millions of those unnecessary deaths were conveniently labeled “COVID” on death certificates, for political and economic reasons.

You can see that as bad as it has been, the COVID pandemic — even with overcounting of deaths — has not achieved a high historical ranking.


It is claimed that COVID has caused 4 million deaths so far. Given the sloppy nature of cause-of-death procedures during the COVID- 19 pandemic — and the high rate of false positives with PCR testing — the actual number of deaths due to COVID may be quite different. Until politics can be separated from “public health” there is no way of knowing.

It is my opinion that the “public health” and “science” officials responsible for this massive ongoing global clusterfoque known as SIP, should be stood against the wall and made to pay a reasonable price for their politically motivated incompetence.

It comes as no surprise to readers of Al Fin blogs that the global average human IQ is on the way down. The “Flynn Effect” is gone and the “Idiocracy Effect” is in full swing. More

Global IQ

As time goes by, it will become more difficult to get competent help for all kinds of difficulties. Incompetence in politics and public bureaucracies will get worse, as corrupt officials find it easier and easier to perpetrate election fraud on an ever stupider populace.

Einstein suggested that human stupidity is as infinite as the universe. Judging by the ongoing global political response to the Chinese coronavirus lab leak and global pandemic, he may have been understating the case.

More: With stupidity running rampant in government bureaucracies, criminal organizations are moving in.

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3 Responses to Latest Research Shows Lockdowns Killed More People

  1. gavinlongmuir says:

    Average IQs may be declining — but the people who make ill-considered decisions like Lock Downs are not average people. Unfortunately, most of them probably have quite high IQs — with the obvious exceptions of people like Biden. Take a moment to look at the universities, perhaps the locales of highest average IQ in our societies; there are few signs of intelligence or even common sense in the average university. It may be that IQ is not well-correlated with smart decision-making.

    I suspect the declining quality of decision-making over the last few decades correlates better with the increasing role of women in politics, media, academia, and business. Again, the women in those decision-making roles are not average women — and that may be the source of the problem.

  2. yoananda says:

    This “research” is not peer reviewed and has BIG biais.
    1/ lockdown are set to prevent death, it’s then normal that lockdown are correlated with more death
    2/ there is a time lag of one month between contamination and death, not taken in account
    3/ the scatter plot presented in the study show very weak correlation, even less causality
    This study will not pass peer reviewing, I bet.

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