What Do Women Want? Part III

Many Women in One

In the first two parts of this series, we discovered that women want security and intimacy. But that is not all they want. The list is long, and tends to grow with every new item that is added to what she already has. Let’s look at some more female wants:

Women want males with high social and economic status.

Hierarchies are universal features among human groups, and resources tend to accumulate to those who rise in the hierarchy… Women prefer to marry up.

The Evolution of Desire by David M. Buss

Women typically want a male old enough to negotiate the complex rules of society. Men who are a bit older have had more time to accumulate the wealth, experience, and connections that allow for smoother travels through the labyrinthine rules of societies.

Women want a male young enough and healthy enough to be able to help raise her offspring.

Women want a male with ambition and drive. Life is unpredictable, and a woman wants a man who can face a changing set of challenges with aplomb and confidence.

Women want a male with a solid character and mature, stable emotions. It is hard enough to raise immature young children, but having to also raise an immature grown man can break the back of even the best-intended marriage. If she can’t trust him to keep his promises, the clock is ticking.

Women want a man who can help keep them and their children safe. Women are attracted to tall, strong, athletic men. But men of any size who demonstrate confidence and the ability to face difficult odds will find their share of female admirers. In complex societies, a man who controls the loyalties of large numbers of strong men will be seen by most women as a strong man, regardless of his size.

Women want commitment and love. Even a very wealthy and strong man can be a bad husband if he lacks commitment and doesn’t really love his wife.

Women want words… words, words, words!!! Not just any words. And not too many. Why do you think so many women read romantic stories? Why do so many women like to watch “chick flicks?” Why do so many married women fall for their psychotherapists, their lawyers, their ministers, or their male boss who manages dozens of women? Because they want to be charmed by words. If your woman says “you never talk to me,” what she means is that you do not say the right things to her.

Women want occasional gifts of sparkly and shiny things. Gifts made of precious stones and precious metals are expressions of esteem that she can wear and show off to the world. They may not be very practical, but when given at the right time they can be very useful.

Most women are attracted to men that most other women are attracted to. It sounds like a truism, but it just stands to reason. A wise woman will understand the dangers of getting caught up in a “herd mentality.” She will learn to look more deeply than “most women.” You can help her to do that, by getting creative and demonstrating the ability to stand out.

Women want to be surprised, in a good way. When a man becomes too predictable, he becomes boring. Some women prefer a boring man, as long as he is committed to her for the long term. But women are by nature little girls who like to be surprised by displays of hidden thoughtfulness, talent, and appreciative love.

Women want adventure, just not too much. Men who are thrill sport addicts already know that there are very few women expeditioners, extreme surfers, death-defying kayakers, or other thrill addicts who take it to the very edge time after time. But a lot of women would enjoy a taste of adventure, as long as the risk is not too great.

Women want to be noticed. Even if you don’t have time at the moment to express your favorable reaction to something a woman is doing, wearing, or being, make sure to find the time as soon as possible to let her know. Sometimes just a meaningful glance or a wink is enough.

Women need the truth, but sometimes you have to prepare the way first. Above all, a woman has to know that her man is on her side, whatever it takes. Once she knows that you will fight for her, you can then lead her into an uncomfortable truth in a tactful way that shows that not only are you paying attention, but you are looking out for her in more ways than she knew.

Never let her forget that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

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