Sweden: Thanks to Herd Immunity, Impervious to Variants?


Despite Variants, No Lockdowns, No Daily Deaths… Thanks, Herd Immunity!!!

“From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Public Health Agency . . . embarked on a de-facto herd immunity approach, allowing community transmission to occur relatively unchecked,” declared a scathing editorial in the leftwing medical journal The Lancet last December. “No mandatory measures were taken to limit crowds on public transport, in shopping malls, or in other crowded places,” it said. “Coronavirus testing, contact tracing, source identification, and reporting, as recommended by WHO, were limited and remain inadequate.” High schools closed temporarily, but grade schools never.

What’s happening? According to an as-yet unpublished but online study by two Svenske researchers, it appears the country has reached that Holy Grail of Covid called “herd immunity.” That means a level where those already protected are significantly guarding those without exposure. Mind, they say, it’s not all from Covid-19 per se but possibly in great part to “pre-immunity” from other infections. Four coronaviruses are known to cause colds, but the researchers actually don’t even mention that. It’s just that previous exposure to something seems to be providing natural inoculation. And it shouldn’t be as unique to Sweden as Ingrid Bergman.

… Thus the country the media loved to hate is reaping the best of all worlds: Few current cases and deaths, stronger economic growth than the lockdown countries, and its people never experienced the yoke of tyranny.


Sweden wanted herd immunity and that’s what it got. The result is that Sweden is not whining about the need for another year of lockdowns and mandatory mask wearing. Instead, Swedes are living their lives as if their lives were worth living.

Sweden is not behaving like a socialist country at all, and that really pisses off the tyrants who control most of Europe and the Anglosphere — and it angers the tyrants of the media most of all.

Journalists tend not to have any expertise in medicine or public health. In fact, journalists tend not to have expertise in anything at all — even in journalism! But they tend to be expert in groupthink and echo choir mentality. If one journalist posts a hard-hitting piece (which is actually an opinion editorial) then all the rest of the journalists can copy and paste the same piece under their own byline. Money for nothing and the clicks for free!

The Covid hysteria brought all of this out into the open like nothing else, except perhaps the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming apocalypse hysteria. It’s as if they are all mind clones, and are incapable of independent thought. Yes, they are college graduates, but where do you think they learned to think exactly alike?

First, all journalists must flunk a standard IQ test before being admitted to J school. Then J school will crush any independent thought that remains into dust. Then, J students are taught to copy and paste articles by other mind-clones, for posting under their own names.

Covid mandates are counter-productive

…  the spike in cases is almost entirely among the unvaccinated, who have made their own choices. In one way they are doing everyone else a favor when they get the virus and help build herd immunity.

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    What are you saying? If there is a message in this article, I must just be to dense to figure it out.

    Please say what you mean!

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