The Virus Leaked from the Wuhan Lab as Early as August 2019

In July of 2019, the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab was suddenly desperate for repairs on its ventilation and waste treatment systems. By September of 2019, activity spiked at Wuhan hospitals surrounding the viral labs, along with internet searches for information on an illness with symptoms we now associate with COVID-19. And by 12 September 19, the Chinese Communist lab facility was in full coverup and data destruction modes. More

It would appear from public data used by US Congressional researchers that the Chinese virus accidentally leaked from the Wuhan viral lab six months before China officially admitted the existence of the deadly epidemic.

In an ironic twist, Beijing itself is back on lockdown, as the delta variant is making its appearance in the capital city of the communist dictator nation. Apparently the Chinese vaccines are ineffective against the latest iteration of the Chinese virus. The funny thing about the delta variants is that although it seems to cause spikes in numbers of infections, the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are lower with delta.

Lockdowns come naturally to the communist dictatorship. But in the free world outside of the CPC tyranny, it should not be so easy for governments to strip citizens of their basic rights for a virus with a roughly 0.5% IFR. What were the lockdown tyrants in the west thinking?

Biden Opens Southern Border to Large Numbers of Infected Migrants

Much of the surge of COVID cases in the US since the fraudulent Biden administration took power, can be laid at the feet of a leaky southern US border, where a free-for-all involving infected illegals has been official policy.

… our border with Mexico is open to anyone from anywhere (except Cuba) whether or not they are infected with COVID. That is a greater danger to public health than anyone could imagine, far more significant than those who refuse to wear masks or get the vaccine.

Biden’s unenforced border policy is the worst and biggest “super-spreader” policy in the history of COVID. It is contrary to science, public safety, and common sense.


It is almost as if Biden and his crooked cohorts are inviting the virus to enter the country, without delay — in marked contrast to the onerous travel blocks being put in place to hinder law abiding travel of healthy persons with papers.

Learning to Live With SARS-2 CoV, the Chinese Virus

COVID will still take lives, but it’s simply not a major threat to people with immunity, whether natural or from a vaccine. Despite the new alarms from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about the Delta variant’s dangers, and the media hype amplifying them, the bottom line remains: Only a tiny fraction of those who are vaxxed have been infected and hospitalized, as The Post reported last week. An even smaller fraction have died.

Fact is, as a society, we have to move on — and not be paralyzed by the vax-resistant or those demanding zero risk. The good news: Most of us are moving back to normalcy already.


Traditionally, the best immunity has been natural immunity. With this lab-engineered “gain of function” Chinese virus, we may need to accept an increased level of complexity of immunity. In other words, there may be more parts of this virus with which our immune systems need to get better acquainted, to achieve a broad-based immunity against the most likely variants.

As mentioned above, we are lucky that the delta variant seems to cause fewer hospitalizations and deaths than the earlier iterations of the virus. It would be nice if further iterations showed the same trend toward reduced virulence. But if the Chinese labs decide to make further modifications, all bets are off.

Was the Wuhan Lab Looking for an “Old Age” Virus?

China’s biowarfare agencies have been looking for custom viruses which are capable of targeting humans by particular traits, such as ethnicity. But a virus that targets the very old or the very young might also have a use in particular biowar scenarios that the ChiComs might dream up.

Consider a nation that is particularly top-heavy with old people, such as Russia, Japan, or Italy. If China wanted to throw such a country into chaos to allow for other devilish machinations behind the scenes, creating a high-mortality environment that paralyzed such a country’s medical and transportation systems might provide cover for any number of nefarious projects meant to influence or dominate particular sectors of that other country.

In the battlefield of tomorrow, winning will mean thrusting the opposing nation into a state of confusion and then subjugation, not destroying it.

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