Better Immunity from Infection than From Vaccines

A Johns Hopkins professor, Martin Adal Makary MD, MPH, has publicly asserted that being infected with the Chinese novel coronavirus SARS-2 which causes COVID-19, provides a more thorough immunity to the virus than any vaccine.

 “When you get infected with COVID, your body’s immune system develops antibodies to the entire surface of the virus. Not just the slight protein that the vaccines give you, but the entire surface. And so, you get a more diverse antibody portfolio in your system.”

Dr. Makary

More substantiation of natural immunity — original research article

This is not to diminish the importance of anti-COVID vaccinations, which have proven generally safe and effective in reducing numbers of infections and deaths from the Chinese virus. Anyone who is not immune should probably be vaccinated, unless they have a firm contraindication.

In loopy San Francisco, just as daily deaths from COVID are reaching zero, public health officials are mandating mask-wearing at all indoor public venues. Now they can claim that their mask mandate is reducing daily deaths! Typical.

Vaccine developer Moderna is now recommending a third vaccine — rather than just two — in order to help protect against new variants. I suppose that is in keeping with the maxim “you can never be too safe!” But in reality, there is such a thing as being too safe. And we should always keep the hidden motives in mind whenever mulling over public recommendations for health action.

The fraudulent US “President” Joe Biden continues to allow hordes of infected illegal migrants across the southern US border, and some people are starting to pipe up about it.

Meanwhile, the creator of the novel coronavirus which causes COVID — the CCP — is stumbling around, trying to decide how to use its accidental advantage given by the incompetent political leadership of Europe and the Anglosphere.

China has the advantage in terms of “New War,” or the type of war waged by confusing, bankrupting, and forcing economic dependence on your enemies. But in terms of capacity for “Old War” involving massive destruction and bloodshed, China still lags.

China has not made its intentions known, but it has created an atmosphere in which a war initiated by it is a real possibility if the United States does not shift its diplomatic position or military posture. The creation of such a posture costs China a dimension of surprise. The U.S. has focused its substantial military force on China, making initiation by China more difficult. On the other hand, the U.S. was already deployed in a posture dangerous to China, and whatever the U.S. might think its intentions are, China cannot take for granted that the U.S. is not intending hostile actions. China has had to deploy force anyway, so the possibility of war is not alien from either side. The war indicators are valuable diplomatically. They might convince the United States to shift its military posture and its position on economic relations, not so much out of fear of China but because the issues might not matter so much to the U.S. War fever can force reevaluation, and the U.S. has more room for maneuver than China has.

China has done something strange. It has indicated the point of war initiation – Taiwan – and has put in place a force that could theoretically take Taiwan. Announcing the specific target is as dangerous as the Japanese letting the U.S. fleet know that Pearl Harbor was the target. Attacking Taiwan entails an amphibious operation requiring a force limited by the capacity of amphibious craft (always inadequate, as seen at Normandy), and then leaving that force to engage the enemy while reinforcements and a continual shuttle of supplies cross 100 miles of water under possible U.S. missile and air attack.

A Narrow Line Between “New War” and “Old War”

Clearly the SARS-2 novel coronavirus was released accidentally, before the CCP was ready to take advantage of the resulting confusion and economic devastation of lockdown hysteria. But that virus was not the only pigment on the CCP’s palette or the only knife in the drawer. Even so, the confused milieu of the Chinese pandemic may not be the best time for China to unleash an invasion of an independent country.

Should that occur, many lackeys of China in the west — including much of the western mainstream media which has been pushing lockdown mania and dysfunction — will end up with egg foo yung on their faces.

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