Demented Front Man Promotes Chinese Disease in America

Immigrants and COVID go together like hand and glove. If not for immigrants, for example, Sweden would have had fewer than half its COVID cases to date. This is due to the high number of immigrants employed in Swedish nursing homes.

In America, intent on releasing as many COVID-infected immigrants into the US as possible, the Biden administration has recruited the mainstream media into the campaign of designed decline. Officials have been directed by the administration to keep things quiet, and the media, for the most part, is only too happy to comply.

Immigrants have been responsible for a high proportion of new COVID cases along the US southern border for some time, but the Biden government* has chosen to step things up several notches. As more Americans gain natural immunity from infection and artificial immunity from vaccines, the panic-mongers have to reach farther to recruit new cases. Keeping the panic going until the next election is the goal.

Biden is a Drooling Fraud; How to Fight Back?

Preppers have been sitting back and watching several patterns developing, including fraudulent elections, fraudulent pandemic panics, fraudulent climate apocalypses, and a number of other dial-to-order popular hysterias meant to keep the herd in line for the benefit of the elite. But if the ranks of the preppers grow to a threshold level — and if they get organized — the facade of “peace in the ranks” may collapse. As the numbers of the disaffected grow, it will be more and more difficult for the media and the government* to describe the skeptics as “domestic terrorists.”

As expected, the Biden government* and its allies in Congress have been attempting to strip Americans of their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms against government oppression. But more and more people are learning how to make their own firearms:

Making personal firearms is perfectly legal under federal law, if that matters to you, though states and localities may have their own rules. To that end, finishing “80 percent” receivers has become a popular pastime since the roughed-out blocks, shaped like the part of the AR-15 rifle that contains the hammer, safety, and trigger, but with solid material where those parts should fit, can be purchased without the legal rigmarole required for buying a firearm…

… It’s easy to envision an expanded market for jigs and tools that help hobbyists transform bricks of aluminum and polymer into finished receivers. And let’s not forget that my great uncle made rifles long before you could buy 80 percent receivers on the internet.


CNC milling machines and 3D printers are devices that were not around when the founders were envisioning a new constitution for the first attempt at a free country — a concept unknown prior to their time. But such machines make it virtually impossible for busy-body tyrants such as those within and allied to the Biden administration* to strip citizens of their self-defense rights entirely. In fact, creative citizens can more and more easily dream up their own weapons designs and bring them to reality more quickly. The idea of gun control may be popular among leftists in government, media, academia, and political activism circles, but it is likely to become an impotent joke as humans exert their creative powers to circumvent the power grabbers in the new government*.

This Corrupt Shakeup Will Have Consequences

Almost every move being taken by the men behind Biden’s curtain seem geared to weaken the fabric of trust and cooperation between the free peoples and free organizations that have allowed the civil society and free economies of the US to produce high levels of prosperity for so long.

The engineered decline of the US cannot help but reverberate far and wide, and a lot of craziness is poised to leap into the resulting void.

A note about the following video: Peter Zeihan is at his best when analyzing international geopolitical trends. When it comes to US national events, he is clearly prone to strong personal biases and seems to give excessive weight to mainstream media opinions — something that he clearly does not do when in his own field of expertise, international geopolitics. I suspect that Zeihan may have had a run-in with someone inside the Trump administration which left him bruised and eager for payback.

Regardless, here at Al Fin, we do not like to baby our readers, and do not hesitate to provide useful materials which may contradict in part some of the things we assert in other places. We expect readers to be able to weigh contradictory ideas and facts, and come up with their own opinions.

The leftist radicals who are ruining US cities from the west coast to Minneapolis and beyond, are the shock troops of the DNC, which is a large part of the policy center for the elites who want to shape the future of the US — and thus of the rest of the world.

This is not a process that Trump or anyone else on their own could stop. He could barely slow it down. When votes can be manufactured at will, the people’s choice can be circumvented by the ultra-rich every time — particularly when the mainstream media is standing by to defend, excuse, and obfuscate whatever cheat the elites have ordered up.

There is no guidebook to show the way. But if you carefully discuss these issues among your families, friends, associates, and acquaintances, you may discover that you are not alone in your suspicions. And that might be the beginning of a plan.

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