Approaching the Crux of COVID-19: Variant Armageddon vs. Pandemic Resolution


Geert Vanden Bossche is a virologist with significant experience in vaccine development. Vanden Bossche is warning against a SARS-CoV-2 variant “Armageddon,” due to viral evolution in response to mass vaccination campaigns around the world. He is saying that mass vaccination campaigns should be halted to prevent the emergence of “super-variants” with greatly enhanced virulence.

On the other side of the balance beam, most of the data from nations with high levels of vaccination, suggest that death rates are dropping — even while infection rates from variants rise. Delta variant spreads quickly, but is showing lower rates of death and serious infection.

Lower death rates that are being seen with the delta variant may be due in part to mass vaccinations as well as rising numbers of persons with natural immunity from infection. When 80% of the population is immune from a pandemic virus, herd immunity rapidly slows the spread, as susceptible individuals are less likely to encounter infected persons.

New Treatment Seems Startlingly Effective Against Serious COVID Cases

Remember this when it comes to serious COVID cases that may lead to death:

“It is important to remember that 19 out of 20 COVID-19 patients do not need any therapy,” Arber said. “After a window of five to 12 days, some 5% of the patients start to deteriorate.”


The excerpt above is referring to the symptomatic COVID infected (perhaps 30% depending on age). Most of the infected are not symptomatic at all, and of course do not require treatment. But of symptomatic patients, only 1 out of 20 will need therapy — the vast majority will recover without therapy thanks to their own immune systems. The others will need to worry about “cytokine storm.” That is the condition — leading to ARDS — that the new drug is designed to combat.

Out of that 5% of the most serious COVID cases, over 90% can now be treated and sent home within 5 days of initial treatment, using a new drug called EXO-CD24. By my calculations, this leaves 0.015% of COVID cases which may need hospital treatment beyond 5 days. The rest will not need treatment, or will be promptly cured and sent home!

This scenario is a far different one than the “COVID Armageddon” scenario being served up by Joe Biden’s CDC, or by the goose-stepping mainstream media. In other words, the combination of increased herd immunity from natural infection and mass vaccination, plus vastly improved anti-COVID therapies for those with truly serious reactions to infection are collectively changing the outlook.

In terms of Geert Vanden Bossche’s warning about a super-deadly super-variant of the SARS-CoV-2, it looks as if the delta variant is not the variant they’ve been looking for.

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