You First, Asshole!

They want you to die. Actually, they want everybody to die! They want the whole human race to go extinct. They are not rare, they are not hard to find. Every year, universities turn out a whole new crop of tens of thousands of them. If you send your own children to university, you may find one in your own nest, like an innocent warbler that suddenly finds a cuckoo chick in with its own brood.

The modern left end of the political spectrum has been taken over by radical extinctioneers. Whatever they may say in public, whatever public policies they may advocate, what they really want is for all of you — all of us — to die and go away permanently.

Here is a typical leftist who is trying to get the public to think more about the positive side of human extinction:

The question of whether extinction would be good or bad overall is obviously very important, especially in the face of potential catastrophic events at the hinge of history. But this question is also very difficult to answer. Ultimately, I am not claiming that extinction would be good; only that, since it might be, we should devote a lot more attention to thinking about the value of extinction than we have to date.

Would Extinction Be So Bad?

A lot of other leftists are not nearly so shy about coming out and advocating the deaths of every single one of you, without replacement:

My journey to advocating for voluntary human extinction began at school. I was born in the post-war baby boom in a small desert town in Oregon, in the US. There were more new students than the elementary school could cope with, so classes overflowed into churches. In my fourth year, we were taught in the county library; people checked out books as we learned. High school was the same: the cafeteria had to be converted into classrooms. There just weren’t enough resources – a situation that remains the same as we boomers enter our final decades.

After an involuntary stint in the army, I read Paul Ehrlich’s book Population Bomb, which argued that overpopulation would lead to food shortages and famine, and soon joined a movement called Zero Population Growth. Their slogan was Stop at Two, but it didn’t take much maths to work out that this would take too long. We were already overpopulated at 3.7 billion: instead of stopping at two children, we needed to stop at once.

Just Go Away, Already!


They tend to say that they want to achieve human extinction by a quick phase-out of all new human births. Certainly leftist policies around the advanced worlds of Europe, the Anglosphere, and East Asia, have resulted in crashing birth rates among more intelligent populations — but not yet among immigrants. Yet in the undeveloped world, in places like sub Saharan Africa and parts of Asia, birth rates continue to be high — above 4 births per fertile female in the population. And the average human IQ in these places of continued high human fertility, are quite low.

VDare IQ vs GDP Map

The policies of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement are enmeshed within the ascendant leftist political movements of the day, including leftist climate, economic, and social policies. These leftist policies inevitably result in lower human birth rates among the brighter, more educated populations of advanced nations. This leaves the less bright, less educated populations to carry the torch of humanity into the future. And these populations are more likely to descend into violent anarchy, than to submit to voluntary extinction.

Every leftist I know has a mental illness. But they don’t want to change their behaviors or diets to promote healthier thoughts. They want prescription pills that dull their senses and expect others to accept their issues without question. Working to gain control over their thoughts and emotions isn’t something they believe they can do.

These are the people who want to destroy the nuclear family. They are so lonely and miserable, yet they hate the thought of adhering to any tradition that their grandparents found joy in.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner
The Leftist Fascism Steamroller

It is a philosophy of groupthink, yes. But worse than that, it is a death cult of groupthink. International Socialism (Communism) and National Socialism (Nazism) killed well over 100 million people in the past century. But thanks to leftist school systems from K thru University across Europe and the Anglosphere, these death-dealing cults have just gotten started.

If your child’s school or your favorite media outlet has not let you in on this secret, then they are part of the problem. For you to be part of the solution, you must first pull your children out of that school and stop patronizing that media outlet. Why is the ultimate source of SARS-CoV-2 so important? Because it points to a specific project within a bloody-handed totalitarian country that is closely tied to political, media, academic, corporate, and activist elements in the western world — all of which promote leftist policies that inevitably result in low birth rates among more competent groups with high IQ (highly heritable), high EF (highly heritable), and high achievement.

And if you wonder how election fraud in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and a few other municipal precincts could have swung the 2020 US presidential election to the CPC preferred candidate, remember that communist parties have had over a century’s experience at rigging elections. It’s not that hard when the media plays along, and you have an artificial hysteria to take advantage of.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood © .

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    As Brett Stevens points out at, we do not need more people, we need more ‘quality’ people. That is the problem.

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