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High Speed Rail Threatens China Collapse

Three Times the Debt of Evergrande! What is wrong with China? Nothing that a massive financial collapse across several sectors wouldn’t solve. China is drowning in debt across its economy. The high speed rail system — far from being the … Continue reading

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China’s Real Estate Embarrassment: A detailed Look

This video lays out the rapidly expanding problem in great and clear detail. If you are invested in any funds that hold international bonds, you owe it to yourself to watch this. A lot of people would be going to … Continue reading

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Natural Immunity to COVID: 30 Studies

Governments are going insane with vaccine mandates, while ignoring the reality of natural immunity to the Wuhan virus which comes with recovery from illness. The following linked article provides some information on this topic — which government functionaries wish would … Continue reading

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Real Estate Was Supposed to Be China’s Ace in the Hole

The Chinese people have very few places to invest their savings. As you can see below, real estate has been the favorite hidey-hole for stuffing the mattress. But it has long been an open secret that Chinese real estate is … Continue reading

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The Best Education: Kids Full Time on the Road

… as the nomadic lifestyle continues growing in popularity, more parents are introducing their kids to on-the-go home schooling, or “roam-schooling,” in order to enrich their family’s quality time and monitor what their children are learning while granting their little … Continue reading

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China Approaches its “Great Depression” Moment

China is a large, complex power. But over the past decade, China’s power has been vastly overestimated… Public opinion is a poor guide for judging national power. China is now entering a period most powerful nations go through, and a … Continue reading

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The Fall of China

China’s multidecade ascent was aided by strong tailwinds that have now become headwinds. Its government is concealing a serious economic slowdown and sliding back into brittle totalitarianism. The country is suffering severe resource scarcity and faces the worst peacetime demographic collapse in … Continue reading

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