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Jordan Peterson is Working His Way Back

The left had hoped that his voice would be shut down forever. But Jordan Peterson is giving media interviews once again, and is posting his own interactive discussions with a number of fascinating thinkers. His latest book, “Beyond Order: 12 … Continue reading

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Get Hardy, Get Gritty

Author Paul Tough (!) wants to help parents and children understand what it takes for kids to succeed in life. The video above is the full 8 hour audio book of one of his books, “How Children Succeed.” The book … Continue reading

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The Coming Idiocracy: Some Things Will Have to Change

The average intelligence of humans is declining. That is no longer uncertain. At the same time, most of the life-sustaining systems which elevate existence in the developed world above the poverty and deprivation in most of the rest of the … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of China

China will keep funneling underpriced credit to unproductive firms that can’t repay their loans, continuing the country’s decline in productivity and rise in debt. These trends mean a greater likelihood of a major financial crisis and longer-term economic stagnation. China … Continue reading

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Peter Zeihan: Prepare for All Hell Breaking Loose

Podcast Interview of Peter Zeihan by’s Scott Horton: An interesting dialogue between geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan and Scott Horton of fame. Zeihan continues his argument laid out in his books, Accidental Superpower, Absent Superpower, and Disunited Nations, that … Continue reading

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Teach Kids 3 Ways to Earn a Living Before 18

America’s Blue Collar Crisis Transportation companies are short 33,000 truckers compared to before the pandemic. Nationwide there’s a 55 percent shortage of plumbers available for work, and electricians are also in seriously short supply. Meanwhile, construction firms can’t find enough qualified workers to complete … Continue reading

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