Peter Zeihan: Prepare for All Hell Breaking Loose

Podcast Interview of Peter Zeihan by’s Scott Horton:

An interesting dialogue between geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan and Scott Horton of fame.

Zeihan continues his argument laid out in his books, Accidental Superpower, Absent Superpower, and Disunited Nations, that as the US stops playing the global policeman, the world will slide into regional anarchy.

China is not the only country that owes its viability to the US global safety net. But China has leveraged more and has the most to lose as the US backs away from its role as the global Atlas, as in “Atlas Shrugged.”

Taiwan may be the target of the CCP in its chaotic confusion, for the simple reason that the party leadership needs a scapegoat in order to keep the people from understanding the mess that the leadership has gotten them into.

Without its foreign companies and foreign input, China loses over half its export income.

China has serious economic problems, on top of its energy difficulties. As its economy suffers, China will have more difficulty convincing foreigners to build China’s factories and to keep China’s factories working. Without plentiful energy, China cannot run its foreign built, supplied, and maintained factories. As this plays itself out, global supply chains stretch thinner and thinner.

China has painted itself into an economic corner. The only way out for China may well be war. It is looking that way more every day.

BTW: Some readers may be confusing the CCP with China as a civilization. The Chinese communist functionaries and leadership is an aberration from the Chinese historical norm. The CCP can easily collapse, while the Chinese civilization survives and builds itself into another global power. Remember the USSR collapse? The member nations survived for the most part.

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4 Responses to Peter Zeihan: Prepare for All Hell Breaking Loose

  1. Craig says:

    I’ve watched a number of Zeihan talks and interviews and am equally frightful and optimistic about America’s chances when the inevitable happens with China’s collapse. Demographically the USA is in better shape by way of immigration. China is a mess. In the decades to come there will not be enough Chinese workers to support a manufacturing juggernaut. It seems Trump was trying to open our eyes to the supply chain crisis that might and did happen because way too much of the west’s critical supplies are only made in China.

  2. bob sykes says:

    The fact is that the factories, technology, and skilled workers are all in China. It is the American economy that would collapse if Chinese imports stopped coming here. Without those imports, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Walmart, Target and many other companies would go out of business for lack of product. Companies like Ford, General Motors, and all the Japanese assembly factories in the US would shutdown or severely curtail production.

    It is the US that is screwed, and it is us who face economic and social collapse.

    • alfin2101 says:

      For the past several years, major international companies have been incrementally moving production out of China for many reasons. These international companies gave China its status as “the world’s factory” and they are taking it away.

      China is an unreliable producer, hence Biden’s supply chain crisis. This will grow worse and worse with time.

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