Jordan Peterson is Working His Way Back

The left had hoped that his voice would be shut down forever. But Jordan Peterson is giving media interviews once again, and is posting his own interactive discussions with a number of fascinating thinkers. His latest book, “Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life” is selling well enough to make a lot of people on the left nervous.

The left’s most successful confidence game is environmental alarmism and climate change. Peterson’s interview with Michael Shellenberger, the author of “Apocalypse Never,” is raising alarms across the leftist propaganda networks. Nothing personifies the mental illness of the modern left better than the hysteria discussed in the interview above, and the left does not like to have its rotten core exposed for the world to see.

Jordan Peterson’s Triumphant Visit to Cambridge

I saw Peterson speak twice on his Cambridge visit. He spoke passionately, at length and without notes, to rapt audiences. He engaged the crowd with care and warmth. His seminars were a model of academic engagement. There was a lively, disputatious and often rigorous battle of ideas that ranged from the neuroscience of perception via William Empson and 17th-century counterpoint to Mesopotamian creation myths.

It seemed that everywhere Peterson went in Cambridge there were students who wanted to learn from him, to argue with him and sometimes to be photographed next to him (I advised him to check their t-shirts before posing). There were no protests, unless you count one silly but brave student popping up in a lecture wearing a lobster outfit.

Spiked Online

Jordan Peterson is clearly attempting to point out the threat to society in “loss of values” and loss of careful fact-based thinking, a threat that derives mainly from the corrupt left in today’s world. Here is another take on the decline of culture due to leftism:

I’ve long observed an association between liberal politics and what’s commonly known as “mental illness,” at least as far back as when I used to work with children decades ago. Yet while it’s no surprise that the seriously disturbed would gravitate toward leftism, there’s a little understood factor: What’s called “leftism” is actually not an ideology but a process of entropic change, of moral decay — and many of what we call “mental disorders” (not all, of course) are actually a result of moral dysfunction.

Common-sense psychologist John Rosemond alluded to this years ago, lamenting (for instance) that while generations ago people viewed childhood misbehavior as a moral problem, now they too often consider it a psychological problem. (This mentality’s general application is why most everything formerly considered a sin is now diagnosed as a disease or condition of the brain.) Examples are “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” and “Sibling Rivalry Disorder.”

One Rosemond addressed is “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD). He explained that this is really just a result of a dysfunctional but now common modern parenting model and that all children have “ADHD” (if we’re to thus frame it) up until age two, but the (mis)behavior pattern is purged from them if they’re correctly socialized.

My experience with children bore this out. Every kid I encountered who’d been “ADHD” diagnosed (back then it was just “ADD”) came from a liberal home. In contrast, the best-behaved children generally had three commonalities: politically conservative parents; a church life active to some degree; and a stay-at-home mother — or at least one usually home when the child is (these factors correlate, of course).

Moreover, the “ADHD” kids didn’t exhibit any of their “symptoms” when in my charge because I enforced discipline; they knew misbehavior brought consequences. So unless someone believes the children could somehow decide to not be “sick” when in my proximity, it’s clear what was going on.

Leftists Bring Decay to Everything

The thought disorders springing up from a leftist upbringing and a leftist education go far beyond ADD/ADHD of course. When public values are collapsing with nothing substantive to replace them, public disorder becomes routine. When leftists take over cities, states, and countries, traditional infrastructures of order immediately begin to decline.

Loss of values is the subject of Jordan Peterson’s recent interview with The Telegraph.

In the absence of traditional religion, the left has substituted an apocalyptic environmentalism, with every element of the worst strains of religious dogma violently oppressing and depressing its captive programmed true believers.

Those most passionate environmentalists have, probably unwittingly, incorporated imagery from Christianity about the ancient past and the distant future. From Genesis, they have borrowed the myth of the Garden of Eden, when the world was in balance and harmony before humans began misbehaving. These environmentalists idealize nature as a system of beauty, peace, and harmony that humans have only recently begun to destroy with technology. This mythical view ignores the devastation of the environment by indigenous peoples as well as the brutal conflicts within and between pre-human species.

From the Book of Revelations, these passionate environmentalists have borrowed an apocalyptic vision of the end of the world as we know it. Unless we change our evil ways, we will destroy all life on the planet by polluting and changing the climate.


Jordan Peterson is working his way back into a position of public influence. We should hope that he comes back more powerful than the left can possibly imagine.

It was not his positions on hot-button issues that truly angered the left; it was the root of them: his belief that the Bible, mythology, and the Western tradition still have lessons to teach us. For progressives, these stories must be silenced, or at least contextualized in a way that shows how little they apply to today’s world in which we can all be pretty unicorns if we so choose. It is Peterson’s attacks on postmodernism and particularly Marxism, both of which erode the stories of our ancestors that the left cannot abide, that is poison to their project.

And so the anti-Peterson articles have begun to flow like water. They are a threat, make no mistake. If Peterson will just shut up, go back to teaching, and call people by their chosen pronouns, he will be left alone. If not, if he dares take to the public square, the denunciations will continue. And if that harms his mental health, so be it. He is just that dangerous, they can justify doing harm to protect their precious shibboleths.

But we can hope he doesn’t slink away. His contributions to discourse, the causes of freedom, and to our connection to ancient humanity are already enough to mark a great career. His once-controversial positions have become more mainstream; others have taken up the mantle. But he is not shy, and we should not be blamed for desiring more of his wisdom.

Jordan Peterson is Back

Left Wingers are Violent, Despicably Obnoxious and Well Funded

But they are in control of national and international governing and policy-making organizations. You can find their puppet-masters at places like George Soros’ Tides Foundation and Open Society Institute, which work hand in hand with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and other well-funded foundations that pay no taxes but make sure that you pay a lot more than you should have to.

No one educated and sane likes the political left. This is not a shocking revelation. As I have been outlining for many years (but specifically in the past few years), leftists are the ONLY people in the country that consistently support draconian government policies and oppressive corporate monopoly.

They are the only people that support mass censorship of opposing viewpoints through Big Tech and social media. They are the only people demanding the deplatforming and “canceling” of public personalities that dare to utter any views that are contrary to the leftist narrative. They are the only group that has a vast majority in support of the authoritarian covid lockdowns and mandates. They are the only people that aggressively call for forced vaccinations of the populace. They are the only people demanding that the unvaxxed be removed from their jobs or face potential criminal charges. They are the only people that push for the indoctrination of school children with Critical Race Theory (which is essentially racism repackaged as academic activism). And, they are also the only people that are hyper-obsessive about propagating sexual politics in public schools.

These folks are exceedingly unlikable. One would think that they would remain on the very fringes of society where they can do little harm, but this has not been the case. Why? Well, it’s not because they are the majority, at least not in any traditional way. They are actually a minority on most issues with a few exceptions. However, they are highly organized, single minded (some would say hive-minded), and, they have the full support of our national power structures.

They Want to Own Us All, And They Hate People Who Expose Them

Here is a list of US activist organizations funded by George Soros

Some interesting information on the infamous “Ploughshares Fund:”

Ploughshares has partnered with a who’s-who of the radical left, including Code Pink, the pro-Palestinian J Street, United for Peace & Justice, the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Demos, a progressive economic advisory group where Obama’s controversial former green jobs czar, Van Jones, has served on the board.

The group says its mission is to support the “smartest minds and most effective organizations to reduce nuclear stockpiles, prevent new nuclear states, and increase global security.”

Ploughshares is in turn financed by Soros’s Open Society Institute, the Buffett Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Foundation.


Various movements studied by Influence Watch

These people are on the boards of directors of most top national and international corporations. They rule the centers of power in most modern nations, and they dominate Silicon Valley and other tech concentrations. They have the power to censor most national and international media streams, broadcast, cable, and internet. They can organize flash mobs, protests, and violent riots and looting, at the drop of a hat. They can fake a national presidential election and place a senile old child molester into the oval office. They can fake an international climate apocalypse and transform government and economic policy to everyone’s detriment but their own.

If you have watched any of Peter Zeihan’s videos or read any of his books, you know just how hard it would be to take America down, given its many strengths. One of its greatest strengths is its strong traditions of hard work and devotion to family and community. These leftists are trying to destroy those things and many other North American strengths, although a few people including Jordan Peterson are fighting back publicly, at great risk to themselves.

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  1. John says:

    Something I read twenty years ago or so but they were talking about running out of landfill space and the math was all of the garbage either in the US or maybe the east coast up to Chicago could fit into a square mile cube. We might be running out of places close to home to stuff our trash but you could easily shove it in a train and fill a canyon in Utah or Nevada and solve the problem for ????? number of years until it became easier to recycle the junk then dig up new raw materials. Plastic and all would fit and if they bothered sorting it someone would make a hell of a lot of money.It is not that we could not mess up the planet if we wanted to (maybe) but things are self correcting and it’s not in most people’s best interest to do so.
    Still think you have one of the best blogs out there, even if you slowed down on the science stuff.
    Not sure how much you get to watch you tube but on futurism a strange but smart guy Isaac Arthur has some insite on what we are capable of in the not to distant future if we could just get our heads out of our a**es
    Best of Regards

  2. Craig says:

    Been following Peterson since 2016. I don’t always 100% agree with him, but I’d say he’s the one (or one the few) public figures I trust. He’s a treasure, and I get why the left hates him – which only makes me trust him more – it’s because he can’t be silenced or flummoxed by their lies. Godspeed to Jordan Peterson.

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