Why is Matt Ridley’s “Viral” One of the Most Startling Books of the Current Decade?

There are few books which I recommend whole-heartedly to a wide audience, but this is certainly one of those books!

Matt Ridley has been one of my favorite science writers for decades now. With the arrival of his most recent book “Viral” (co-authored with molecular biologist Alina Chan) Ridley firms up his credential as one of the most courageous science writers living. The socialist media has gone insane attempting to discredit Ridley’s careful and well-documented arguments in “Viral,” but the radical leftists and China lackeys seem to be losing the argument.

“Viral” takes a thorough, methodical, and scrupulously fair-minded approach to the emergence of the SARS-2 CoV-19 virus. Starting with the closest known relatives of this virus found in southern China, the authors discuss various ways in which the virus might travel thousands of miles to Wuhan and go through a half century of evolution in just a short period time, without leaving a trace that can be found by scientists either in human populations around Wuhan or in animal populations in the Wuhan area.

The authors leave nothing important out of their analysis, discussing in ultra-clear detail the many ways the Chinese government misrepresented the facts to cover up the involvement of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the origins of SARS2 CoV19. After reading the book, you will also wonder why the western media and so many western scientists also misrepresented the facts, in a way that exactly coincided with the Communist Party of China’s self-interested view of the ongoing drama.

After reading the book, you will be better informed on the origins of this virus than any of your friends or family.

Here is an interview with the authors:

Ridley is quite articulate and charming, of course, but I was surprised at how engaging Chan turned out to be. The collaboration between the two was very fruitful!

The book does not draw a final conclusion in terms of the question of definitive ultimate viral origins, although they consider a lab leak of a lab-modified virus to be the most likely story.

Chinese scientists have been preparing for a Third World War fought with biological and genetic weapons including coronavirus for the last six years, according to a document obtained by US investigators.

The bombshell paper, accessed by the US State Department, insists they will be ‘the core weapon for victory’ in such a conflict, even outlining the perfect conditions to release a bioweapon, and documenting the impact it would have on ‘the enemy’s medical system’.

This latest evidence that Beijing considered the military potential of SARS coronaviruses from as early as 2015 has also raised fresh fears over the cause of Covid-19, with some officials still believing the virus could have escaped from a Chinese lab.


Every viral lab in China is linked to the Party’s biowarfare department. They are all dual use, meaning that their research is applied to warfare, regardless of the nominal reasons for the work.

The military links to Wuhan’s biolab are fairly clear. The first question is – what is this bioresearch for? David Asher, an expert on biological, chemical and nuclear proliferation, who led the State Department inquiries into the origins of Covid-19, said: ‘The Chinese have made it clear they see biotechnology as a big part of the future of hybrid warfare. The big question is whether their work in these fields is offensive or defensive.’

The second question is, regardless of the intent of the research, did COVID-19 accidentally escape from the biolab at WIV?

Filippa Lentzos, a biosecurity expert at one of my alma maters, King’s College London, said the latest disclosures fitted ‘the pattern of inconsistencies’ coming from Beijing, reported DM.

‘They are still not being transparent with us,’ she said. ‘We have no hard data on the pandemic origins, whether it was a natural spill-over from animals or some kind of accidental research-related leak, yet we’re unable to get straight answers and that simply does not inspire confidence.’


Understanding the dual use nature of all Chinese scientific research, it becomes easier to understand why the Chinese government behaved in such an evasive and deceptive manner, in late 2019 and early 2020 as the Covid pandemic was emerging from Wuhan to the rest of China and the world.

Listening to Chinese officials discussing their efforts to find the origins of the SARS CoV19 virus, one cannot help but be reminded of former American football player O.J. Simpson describing his efforts to find the real killer of his ex-wife and her friend.

Read the book, and then tell me in all honesty that you still have doubts about what is likely to have happened behind the scenes, leading up to the Chinese pandemic that became a global pandemic.

After observing what has happened so far, the behavior of the Chinese government surrounding this pandemic cannot be explained any other way than as a massive coverup of criminal behavior.

Bonus vid: What Really Happened in Wuhan?

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