Elon Musk: Civilization Will Collapse Unless Birth Rates Rise

“There are not enough people,” Musk said at a convention of CEOs hosted by the Wall Street Journal. “I can’t emphasize this enough — there are not enough people.”

Musk identified the Baby Bust as “one of the biggest risks to civilization,” as quoted by CNBC .

Addressing the worries about overpopulation, Musk said, “It’s completely the opposite. … If people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble. Mark my words.”

Elon Musk on the Need for More Babies

Today’s young women are afraid of having children. Dumbed-down leftist culture discourages young people from committing to a next generation of humans, with fears of “climate change apocalypse” and other hysterical bugaboos. But as Elon says above, the crumbling of civilization will come far more quickly if there are not enough people.

What We Really Need is Smarter Babies

Just having more babies is not really good enough, if we are not also getting more intelligent, creative, conscientious, and resilient babies. Anyone who has spent any time around delivery rooms and newborn nurseries can tell you that babies are not all born equal. Likewise anyone who has ever taught higher level mathematics, physics, engineering, or other technically difficult classes. The future will need a lot more technically proficient young people than are currently being produced.

We do not need many more stupid and dishonest people like Jussie Smollet. And we do not need more of the leftist corruption of education and culture which created millions of people like Jussie. But we could use a lot more people like Elon Musk and Dean Kamen.

An Idiocracy is Coming

The movie Idiocracy is a goofball comedy that looks at a world 500 years in the future, where a human IQ level of 100 (by today’s standards) would be considered a genius-level IQ close to 200 in comparison to the norm of the future. If current trends continue, we should probably consider the movie “Idiocracy” to be a best-case scenario.

Whether global human birthrates decline or increase, the Idiocracy is pretty well baked in by current demographic fertility patterns — both within nations and between nations. Fertility rates among highly intelligent and well educated females are significantly lower than fertility rates among uneducated and unintelligent females. This dysgenic effect is applicable in every country of the world, and it is also applicable when making comparisons between countries.

What About The Effect of Divergent Evolution on Intelligence?

Different populations of humans migrated in prehistoric times to different parts of the world, where they faced divergent environmental challenges in their ongoing evolutionary development. These divergent environmental pressures on evolution resulted in divergent biological evolution of these different populations.

In some parts of the world, environmental pressures required higher levels of problem-solving in order to achieve survival, whereas in other parts of the world survival and reproduction could be achieved with lower levels of problem-solving. This video helps to illuminate some of the complexity involved in the creation and definition of one of the world’s most prominent and productive population groups.

Bad Money Drives Out Good

There is an old economic law dating back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I of England (1558) which explains why the introduction of bad money (coins with less precious metal) into circulation results in the disappearance of good money (coins with more precious metals).

Something analogous might be said about a society which forcefully subsidizes the existence of less gifted and productive humans at the expense of those who are more gifted and productive. In the short term it may make little difference, but in the long term birthrates among the more intelligent and better educated will fall, relative to birthrates among the less intelligent and less educated. As rates of poverty and violent crime rise — as the country becomes a less attractive place to raise children — the incentives for intelligent and educated women to have children will decline.

Evolution worked hard to produce sub-populations of humans which are capable of more clever problem-solving than the average layabout populations that tended to evolve in places that presented fewer existential challenges. And in some cases — such as the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe — oppressive human cultures surrounding the evolving sub-populations helped to provide an impetus that allowed these tribes to excel.

Julian Simon’s excellent book “Ultimate Resource” describes how higher populations of humans provide for more innovation and better living standards. But it is important to point out that Simon was looking at the effects of larger populations of mostly European peoples, where the average IQ is roughly 100. He was not describing large populations of sub Saharan African people, where the average IQ is somewhere between 70 and 80.

But it is in sub Saharan Africa where most of the world’s near-future population growth is predicted to occur.

Before relatively recent contact with outside cultures, Subsaharan Africans did not invent the wheel, did not invent writing, developed minimal art, or agriculture, lacked musical instruments beyond simple percussion, and came up virtually empty in terms of math, science, and technology. Why the absence of invention and development?

Why Couldn’t Sub Saharan Africans Invent the Wheel?

Everybody Talks About Low IQ in Africans, But Nobody Does Anything About It

Why Things in Africa Break Down

If we are looking to sub Saharan Africa for the salvation of humanity, perhaps we had best take a step back and recalibrate.

But it was courageous enough for Elon to speak publicly about the need for “people” to have more babies. Anyone who clarifies the need to have more smart, conscientious, and resilient babies would probably find themselves being demonized by the elites of corporate media.

So be careful who you tell the truth to, since most people have almost no experience handling the truth.

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  2. Abelard Lindsey says:

    My understanding is that the new world civilizations (Mayan, Inca, etc.) also never developed the wheel. They also never developed metallurgy either.

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  4. info says:

    “Today’s young women are afraid of having children.”

    Feminist Ideology(Reversing sex roles and attacking human nature), Overwork are all drivers of the collapse in birthrates. Disincentives also exist to marriage and family because of said Ideology that attacks the family:


    Therefore negative memes function as Civilizational wasting diseases along with the Mouse Utopia effect:

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