Oh My Cron! It’s Gonna Getcha!

Omicron is resulting in hospital admissions well below the previous wave in South Africa, and needing far less interventions like ventilation or supplemental oxygen. Excess deaths look likely to follow this pattern. With Delta, Pieter explains, patients were often coming into hospital with low blood oxygen levels and severe symptoms. Reporting from South African hospitals suggests that a higher percentage of positive tests are ‘incidental’ with the Omicron variant, with patients often asymptomatic or unaware that they were harbouring the virus

The End of the Pandemic

“We must be aware that even triple-vaccinated are likely to transmit the disease” Source

The omicron variant is more infectious and has a shorter incubation time. But according to the experts in South Africa where it was first detected, it is less virulent — less deadly.

Omicron is massively more transmissible than delta, perhaps 4 times more. However, there is now evidence that Omicron is less severe than previous strains. We do not know yet if this is because of increasing cellular immunity in the population now or an inherent property of the strain that makes it less virulent, or both.


Omicron appears to have shorter incubation times than other variants, with symptoms appearing in as little as three days compared to four to six with Delta and the original strain, the New York Times reported.

Omicron appears to replicate roughly 70 times faster than Delta in the respiratory tract, but could lead to less severe infections because of slow growth in the lungs, according to a study released last week by the University of Hong Kong.


The corporate media has been freaking out over the omicron variant, recommending the cancelling of holiday get-togethers and calling on the government to reinstitute lockdowns in place and the shutting down of public venues.

To watch CNN or read The New York Times, you’d think omicron was the most deadly strain of the virus to date, poised to overwhelm hospitals and leave a trail of death behind it.

The reality, which most Americans have readily grasped, is just the opposite: omicron appears to be the least dangerous strain of the virus yet. After five weeks of omicron’s spread in South Africa, where the variant first appeared, the news is encouraging: mild to nonexistent symptoms, hospitalization rates nine times lower than previous surges, and extremely low rates of severe illness and death even though only about a quarter of the population is vaccinated. Here in the United States, only one person has died from the omicron variant thus far, even though omicron cases accounted for nearly three-quarters of new infections nationwide last week.

Rather than return to lockdowns and school closures — to say nothing of canceling holiday gatherings — there’s every reason to believe we’ll be able to weather this surge with minimal disruption.

Unless you’re a member of legacy media.


Omicron is sweeping across populations around the world, and is becoming the most dominant variant of SARS-2 CoV-19 in many large nations in an astonishingly short time. But if this new variant is less deadly, perhaps it represents the quickest route to herd immunity that we have have yet seen.

Pfizer’s data suggests that T-cells should respond similarly to Omicron as to previous variants, which aligns with the observation that Omicron has a lower fatality rate in South Africa, where most people have immunity.

Importantly for humanity, past exposure still seems to protect against severe disease and death, leaving us with a “compromise” where the virus can replicate and reinfect, but we do not get as severely sick as the first time.


As more people recover from natural CoV-19 infections and/or are vaccinated, the population gets ever closer to “herd immunity.” But we are discovering that herd immunity may mean something a little different for this Chinese-engineered coronavirus than for many other pandemic-causing viruses. This virus has been custom modified to take advantage of viral backdoors into the human respiratory tract. Even with “immunity,” we can keep on catching new variants of this virus. But as long as we are generally healthy, our bodies should be able to bounce back more quickly with each recovery — at least as long as the Chinese labs do not have another trick card up their sleeves.

Some sources are claiming that omicron is accounting for at least 50% of common colds at this time. That represents a lot of people, and may lead to rapid “natural vaccination” and a quicker decline of the global pandemic than would have occurred otherwise.

The Amazing Case of the Fully Vaccinated US Navy Ship Crew Stopped Cold by New Covid Variant

A U.S. Navy warship has paused its deployment to South America due to a COVID-19 outbreak among its “100 percent immunized” crew, the Navy announced on Christmas Eve.

“USS Milwaukee (LCS 5), a Freedom variant littoral combat ship, remains in port as some Sailors test positive for COVID-19,” the U.S. 4th Fleet said in a statement.

“The crew is 100 percent immunized and all COVID-19 positive Sailors are isolated on board and away from other crew members. A portion of those infected have exhibited mild symptoms. The vaccine continues to demonstrate effectiveness against serious illness.”

The ship currently remains in port at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, located at the southeastern end of Cuba.

The New US Pussy Navy

I guess the US Navy scraped the bottom of the barrel and found a bunch of admirals with the wobbly spines reminiscent of Anthony Fauci and the leadership of the US CDC.

The cases are surging, but not deaths. You can tell an honest official by whether they acknowledge this positive trend of declining deaths with omicron. If they freak out about cases and say nothing about reduced deaths, they are typical corrupt politicians (and media lackeys).

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