A Catastrophic Moral Crime

You Go Girl!


Bill Maher is a proper moron, but he occasionally has intelligent guests on his show. And like a broken clock, he is right two seconds out of every day.

More from the above episode:

It is important to remember the ones who are responsible for putting healthy, law-abiding persons into a bureaucratic prison. We should remember the ones who used unconstitutional decrees to wreck the economy, fake an election, and send multiple formerly free and prosperous countries into a tailspin of doom and decay under illegitimate government rules.

Even the dullest of people are starting to pay attention:

Of course, Bill Maher is as corrupt as he ever was, and will never abandon the adulation of the crowd in order to adopt a more honest and comprehensively wise approach to political commentary. It would be possible to be honest and still be funny. But today’s popular comedians are too afraid of being blacklisted by the inside left elitists who stand in the shadows and call the shots. They are not really funny, because they don’t dare to be.

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