Germany vs. France: Who Will Run Out of Power Soonest?

Table: Source of Power in Germany and France. (Data for January 22, 2022, courtesy

France produces significantly more power than Germany, but a lot less CO2. Most of Germany’s power comes from coal — but the country is steadily phasing out its coal production in favor of imported natural gas from Russia. Germany’s situation is untenable in the long run, but thanks to German Greens, the German Reich has no clear workable path forward.

Germans are maintaining a position that is precisely the opposite of what all know to be physical reality. Not only that, but the Green movement, which effectively dominates Germany’s political ideas, has had a continent-wide campaign — with vocal Russian backing — to prevent Europe from becoming independent in natural gas by fracking its abundant shale resources  The Greens have also acted to block the establishment of liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals that would allow the importation of LNG from the Unites States or the Mideast. So the Germans and their Green international allies are not really in favor of natural gas. They are just in favor of Russian natural gas.

German Greens Assist Russian Domination of Europe

If Greens were both honest and intelligent, they would promote the development of clean new forms of nuclear energy. Instead, they forced Germany to abandon its nuclear energy production in favor of coal. Then they pushed to German government to begin phasing out coal energy in favor of destructive and intermittent/unreliable solar and wind. Finally, they forced the German reich to place itself hostage to Russian political ambitions by banning the several free world alternatives to the Russian dictator’s energy.

The Ugly German Influence on Scientific American

German companies have owned Scientific American since the middle 1980s. But the ugly trend toward politically correct “science reporting” has accelerated rapidly since the publication was bought by German company Springer in the early 2010s. Increasingly, no one takes Scientific American seriously. The recent hit piece endorsed by secretive editor Laura Helmuth and written by a graduate in nursing science (!), illustrates some of the reasons why SA has lost respect and readership.

A strange thing is happening to the venerable magazine Scientific American. It has decided to kick its science-loving readers in the teeth and embrace a modern equivalent of Lysenkoism—the doctrine that required Soviet biologists to ignore evolution and the genetics of plants.

The great biologist Edward O. Wilson died on December 26. Few readers of Scientific American could be unaware of Wilson’s towering contributions to biology and conservation, or of his rare gifts as a synthesizer and writer. They surely didn’t expect that the oeuvre of this globally renowned scientist would be labeled by Scientific American, just three days after his death, as “built on racist ideas.”

Why would the editor of the magazine, Laura Helmuth, take it into her head to insult almost everything her readers believe in? The sad truth is that she, like some editors of more important scientific journals, has been infected by a taste-destroying, judgment-paralyzing malady: the virus of progressive wokeness.

The article she ran, by a junior academic at UC San Francisco, Monica McLemore (who holds a Ph.D. in nursing science), asserts that Wilson’s “racist ideas” come from his book Sociobiology, which supported “the notion that differences among humans could be explained by genetics, inheritance and other biological mechanisms.”

The assertion reflects the foundation on which woke theory is built: everyone is the same, with no genetic differences between sexes or races. By rejecting genetics, adherents can dismiss the notion that people might have different innate talents and earn different rewards. The theory instead attributes any deviation from equality, whether in occupations or income, to discrimination. At one blow, the hope of a merit-rewarding society is destroyed, to be replaced by a distribution of wealth according to wokeist rules.

Nicholas Wade

Fortunately, in the article above Nicholas Wade presents a more informed account of E.O. Wilson’s life and scientific contributions than the Scientific American magazine is capable of doing at this stage in its ideological takeover.

Neil Young and Corporate Media Make Asses of Themselves

Celebrities as a group are making politically correct asses of themselves, together with the corporate media:

[The job of counter-culture icons] is to push back against the man and Neil Young should know the man isn’t Joe Rogan, the man is Dr. Fauci, the man is Governor Gavin Newsom, the man is the CDC, the man is the WHO, the man is Biden,” said Carolla.

“That’s who the man is, you’re an old rocker, you’re supposed to push back against the man – Joe Rogan is pushing back against the man and you’re pushing back against Joe Rogan,” he added.

Carolla then made a mockery of legacy media outlets and shows like The View constantly complaining about COVID “misinformation.”

“What have you guys been right about?” he asked.

“You closed the beaches down, you closed the schools down, cloth masks were gonna save us all, the vaccine was gonna be effective, natural immunity wasn’t effective – what have you been right about?”


A Better Long-Term Therapy to Block Covid Infection

Researchers are becoming more clever at designing antibodies against the novel coronavirus from Wuhan that has plagued the world for the past two years and counting:

“It’s like an anti-COVID smart bomb that keeps working for up to a year or more,” he added. “While typical antibody treatments have a half-life of three to four weeks, AR-701 has a half-life of three to four months, which accounts for the prolonged timeframe for antiviral protection and begins to overlap with the dosing timeframe of vaccines.”

This kind of protection could not only help protect those with COVID, but also help close the gap with regard to those who are vaccine-hesitant.

“The vaccines have been freely available for more than a year,” Truong said. “It’s clear that those who were inclined to receive a vaccine have received it, and those who are not inclined – for whatever reason – aren’t being swayed to reverse their choice. Compounding this challenge is Omicron and future variants prompting additional burdensome vaccine booster shots. That said, many of those who have rejected the vaccine have accepted antibody treatments. Our attitude is that protection is protection, and we are in the business of providing people with more choices with regard to COVID prevention and treatments.”

Anti-Covid Smart Bomb

The political, academic, and cultural establishment elites seem determined to make the world worse. They want to lock us up indoors into the indefinite future, deprive us of necessary energy, prohibit our mobility to travel the world as we please, abolish free speech and free association, and take away most of the things that make living worthwhile.

It is up to us whether or not we choose to allow these cheating, lieing vultures to play the overlord puppet masters at our expense.

An Ongoing Russian Demographic Collapse Pushes Putin Toward War

Russia is running out of Russians to defend the homeland. Secret documents reveal that the true male life expectancy is only 59 years of age, and Russian birthrates are at record low rates.

German politicians are making sure that Putin has enough money to invade the countries to his west, and overall the people of Europe seem to be sleeping their way toward their next invasion from the East — if not actively facilitating that invasion.

Any action taken by Russia against its peaceful neighbors is likely to be coordinated with a communist Chinese action against its own peaceful neighbor Taiwan.

It is no wonder that Russia and China are the most despised countries by their neighbors on the globe. .

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2 Responses to Germany vs. France: Who Will Run Out of Power Soonest?

  1. bob sykes says:

    You rightly note Scientific Americans fall into pseudo-science, and then you publish a nonsensical endnote about Russian population collapse. To you only Russia and China have demographic problems. But the US and EU are right now seeing actual collapse of their white, native populations, and the replacement of whites by Third World, low-IQ immigrants. Whatever Russia’s demographic problems are, native Russians are not declining in numbers, and they are not being replaced by Africans.

    Japan’s demographics are even worse than Italy’s and Spain’s and Germany’s. Japan’s population is actually falling. Japan, also, like Russia, is not undergoing population replacement. The US and EU are.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Russia is experiencing the return of ethnic Russians from nations of the former Soviet Union. This form of “population replacement” by older returning ethnic Russians replacing native ethnic Russians that are dying off, is a short term palliative that may satisfy “armchair demographers” but will not serve a useful purpose in the long run, as population pyramids continue to invert.

      I do not agree with Zeihan and Friedman that Putin feels forced into invading Ukraine. But the threat of an invasion makes the Germans nervous, and when they are nervous they can’t think straight. Bad boy Vlad wants to rattle the cages and see what mischief he can achieve to his own benefit. As usual.

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