Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, Canadian Truckers: The Wokester’s Knives are Out

It is risky to stand out from the crowd in an age of “woke stupidity.” If independent thinkers like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan pursue their own conspicuous programs of free speech with interesting people, the woke overlords will feel compelled to exterminate these inconvenient voices.

Jordan Peterson Praises Joe Rogan and the Canadian Truckers

JORDAN PETERSON: So, the CNN people came after Joe Rogan. And one of them said, “What’s going on here? We’ve got whole bureaus devoted to fact-checking and the truth and all these experts hired and why the hell aren’t people listening to us when they listen to Joe Rogan? And he’s just winging it!”

And I thought: Just winging it, eh? You try just winging it in front of 11 million people for five years and see if you’re still standing, buddy? Do you think just winging it is so easy?

Well, first of all, why aren’t you doing it if it is so damn easy?

And second, isn’t it something that with all your resources, you can only garner one-tenth of the audience of one man who has like zero production expertise in a studio. He just puts it out online, and all he does is have honest conversations.

Insofar as he is capable of that. Joe stumbles and he knows and admits that. Sometimes he gets too buttoned-down on a given point. But fundamentally he’s just trying to do what we’re doing here.

Keep at it, guys. Every time you attack him, it is a million more subscribers for Joe. If they kick him off Spotify, he would have a new platform in two days with twice as many listeners. __ RCP

Here is an example of corporate media trying to tar Joe Rogan with a bad label that he doesn’t deserve. If you read the article, you can understand that Rogan did nothing remotely wrong. But by twisting a headline and by spinning the text, writers and talking heads attempt to “pile on” the shite so thick and heavy that ordinary people with short attention spans and mainstream educations feel compelled to flow along with the top-down groupthink. Multiply that attempt with hundreds of other duplicitous hit pieces, and a certain number of people will go along with the echo choir so as not to rile their friends, neighbors, and other associates.

The same attack dogs are out for Jordan Peterson as well. But just like Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson has passed a certain threshold where most of the attacks against him only serve to build his audience more. And Jordan Peterson knows where the “skeletons of woke” are hidden. He intends to bring them into the light in multiple ways. The left is afraid that he may succeed. Here is one of the milder hit pieces on Peterson.

Destroying the Woke Information Monopoly

The woke overlords have achieved a near-monopoly in several arenas of information delivery: The corporate media, the universities, government bureaucracies, foundations and NGOs, popular entertainment, primary and secondary school government education, overwhelm ordinary people with tainted and deceptive messages that display suspiciously uniform flavoring.

 In the year 2022, all but a few of our major cultural institutions are under the thumb of a powerful religious fundamentalism. The name of that religion is wokism, and it has certain dogmas that are not to be questioned — among them, for example, the dogma that, unless we take drastic worldwide action immediately, man-made climate change will destroy humanity within the next few years.

But the most important woke dogma of all is that American society is divided into oppressive whites and subservient blacks. (The role of Asians and others in this dichotomy has not yet been fully adjudicated.) According to the woke creed, even the poorest Appalachian hick is an oppressor and even the Obamas and Oprah are victims of his oppression. This system of belief has no connection to reality, of course. 

The Inconvenient Survival of “Heretic” Joe Rogan

The “Woke Monopoly” might have been successful if not for the internet. Thanks to the internet, both Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson achieved refreshing levels of open exposure so that attempts by the “neo-woke mainstream” to paint them as something other than what they freely show themselves to be, are unsuccessful. And that frustrates the hell out of the woke overlords. So they keep doing what they have been doing to try to shut down the discordant voices, except harder and in ways they think are clever but are actually quite dunderheaded. And Jordan and Joe gain an ever larger audience in their promotion of free speech and mostly logical thought.

Breaking the University Monopoly

Jordan Peterson has been labeling the woke university monopoly as a scam for over 5 years now. He has been promising to come up with an educational replacement for the woke university for almost that long. But then he got sidetracked by his wife’s almost-fatal cancer and by his own unfortunate pharmaceutical reaction to his wife’s illness and by the demands made by his instant stratospheric fame and success. Now he may be getting around to fulfilling his promise. But before he does, some other people have moved to create an “anti-woke university” in Texas, named “The University of Austin.”

The best news in academia in a long, long time came with this week’s announcement that distinguished scholars and thinkers are founding a new university “fully committed to freedom of inquiry, freedom of conscience, and civil discourse.”

Put another way, the new University of Austin will stand against “cancel culture,” speech codes, leftist indoctrination, “safe spaces” for students who can’t bear opinions different from their own, obsessions with race and sex to the exclusion of substance, racial preferences in admissions, and hugely expensive administrative staffs.

University of Austin — The Anti-Woke University

University of Austin founding President Pano Kanelos, formerly of St. John’s College, acknowledged to the Examiner that “we’re going to make mistakes,” but affirmed the crucial importance of the university’s stated values.

“The reason that we’re doing this is because we really do think that focusing on open inquiry and civil discourse now, in this moment, is something that will help us as a culture. That’s our goal,” he said.

College Fix

For now, Jordan Peterson plans to work with the founders of Ralston College in Savannah, Georgia, in the attempt to save the humanities from the woke scourge.

These are baby steps, but they are not the only attempts to create a more honest academy, less dominated by the mind-destroying dogma of the post-modern neo-Marxist left. Most of the others are merely keeping a lower profile for now.

In George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984, the state was the only source of information for the people. In an information-monopoly state, the people can never know what is really going on. This happens inside communist countries such as the former Soviet Union and in today’s North Korea. But it can also happen inside “woke dictatorships” such as the Biden administration’s* Gulag America, if the people behave more like sheep and less like wolves.

According to the the woke overlords, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and the Canadian Truckers are all misbehaving badly. According to the lieing scum that float at the top of media, universities, government bureaucracies, popular entertainment outlets, tech media and social media, primary and secondary government schools, foundations and NGOs, community organizing groups, etc. you should all just shut up and take it, whatever they decide to make it.

Maybe it’s time more people decided to misbehave.

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