Hundreds of 19 Year Old Russian Soldiers Captured

The captured Russian boys were allowed to call their parents back in Russia, and were they ever surprised to learn where their boys were!

“We have captured around 200 Russian soldiers, some around 19 years old. Not trained at all. Badly equipped.” Ukraninan Major General Borys Kremenetsky says. “We allow them to call their parents. Parents completely surprised.”

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The disastrous Russian invasion of Ukraine is taking longer than Kremlin planners had intended. Mr. Putin is furious at his generals, but what can they do when their vehicles run out of petrol many km from their staging areas? Equipment breaks down, planes crash, and young boys that Russia cannot afford to lose get captured. That’s life in today’s impoverished but belligerent Russia.

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Russia’s attack is burning more than schools and fuel depots. It is burning precious Russian lives and capital. It is burning Russia’s reputation as a nation with whom others might do business. It is painting Russia into a corner from which it will find it difficult to leave as long as Putin is in power.

It does not help that the Kremlin’s web access has been hacked:

Russian government websites including the official Kremlin and media regulator pages are down, in what could be the first round of tit-for-tat cyberattacks after the West furiously condemned warmonger Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s telecoms agency also announced that Russian TV channels had been hacked to broadcast Ukrainian songs, the Kyiv Independent reported on Saturday afternoon.


Mr. Putin’s army is now reduced to dropping cluster bombs on hospitals and pre-schools. An angry and off-balance Putin has gone so far as to put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert, suggesting that the alert is aimed at western nations in general. He is widely seen around the world as a “war criminal,” although it is not likely that he will survive to be brought to trial.

Was Putin Always Insane, Or is this a Recent Phenomenon?

The Russian war plan seems to have been based upon the “wishful thinking” that Ukraine could be overrun in one or two days, and that the elected Ukrainian government and the military would panic and abandon the country’s defence. Russian soldiers and commanders were not told by their superiors what to do in the case that the “military exercise” turned into open warfare. They were not even told how they would get fuel to make it to their destinations.

They expected to be greeted by Ukrainian citizens as saviors and rescuers.

Putin wants the conquest of Ukraine to be the first step in the reassembly of the USSR and the Great Russian Empire. His goals are no longer secret, and now the nations of the former USSR and the former Warsaw Pact have advanced warning and can prepare for a number of eventualities arising from Putin’s madness.

By gambling on an easy victory in Ukraine, Putin risked the eternal hatred of the Ukrainian people, as well as the eventual loss of Belarus, the loss of huge parts of Russia, and eventually the loss of his life to the growing number of enemies he is making every day. China and Iran — the closest “friends” that Russia has — are watching closely for signs of weakness in Russia. Neither country is above taking advantage of Russian weakness.

As Russia Ratchets Up Collateral Damage, It Seals Its Own Doom

The longer this fiasco continues, the more long term damage is done to Russia herself, and not just to Putin. The more damage to civilians and civilian infrastructure, the less likely it is that Russia will have a medium-term future, much less a long-term future.

Russia is said to be a large petrol station with a large motley collection of nuclear missiles and other generally unreliable military equipment. This ill-considered attempt at the conquest of Ukraine highlights that claim. Putin timed the attack to take place in wintertime, hoping that Europeans would huddle around their gas stoves for warmth and ignore what was happening in the East of Europe. Instead, Europeans have reacted strongly against what Putin is trying to do. The more that Ukrainians are made to suffer, the stronger will be the European reaction against Putin — and Russia in general.

Russian boys coming home in body bags emphasizes how little Russia can afford to lose its healthy young people.

Russian state media has reportedly taken to suppressing information about the scale of the war, fearful of how the public would react if it knew Russia was attacking Ukraine far beyond the Donbas. And the calamity from sanctions is only just beginning to unfold. “Russians have been stunned at how quickly the economic impact of the war was being felt,” the Times reported this morning. “The ruble hit its lowest level ever against the dollar, which traded at about 84 rubles on Saturday compared to 74 a few weeks ago. That sent prices for imports surging, while sanctions on Russia’s largest banks wreaked havoc in the financial markets and new export restrictions promised to scramble supply chains.”

All of this has the makings of a debacle. For all the hype about Putin’s alleged strategic “genius,” he may now find himself in a position in which any move he makes will cause Russia’s position to further deteriorate. If he retreats, it’ll be an historic humiliation for a proud military power. If he escalates, the already ferocious international backlash will get worse. It’ll cinch Russia’s eviction from SWIFT, convince even reluctant European allies to boost their supplies of weapons to Ukraine, and possibly lead to domestic unrest in Russia. __ Source

Expat Ukrainians — and men of other nationalities — are traveling long distances to come to Ukraine and fight against the brutal invader, the rapists and killers of children. It is up to the free world to make sure that they have what they need to fight against the horror that Putin is bringing to Ukraine.

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3 Responses to Hundreds of 19 Year Old Russian Soldiers Captured

  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    I’m not taking sides in all of this. However, I have noticed over the past 15 years of reading your blogs that you really have an issue with the Russians and Putin in particular. I remember some years ago asking about this and you responded by saying “its complicated”. Would you like to share more with me about this?

    • alfin2101 says:

      I am a great admirer of pre-Soviet Russian literature and music. I am also an admirer of Russian women.
      The segment of the Russian male population that wants to maintain the fiction of the great Russian empire at the expense of the rest of the world, deserves to be shuffled off of this mortal coil. These men keep Russians subjugated to a destructive and obsolescent idea, and prevent Russia from achieving true greatness.
      A high proportion of the Russian young just want to get out. I sympathize with them.
      The intensity of my contempt for Putin and others like him, is a reflection of the amount of time I have observed and contemplated the particular mindset that he represents.
      My contempt for Hitler is of a similar nature, although Hitler is history. When Putin is also history, I will let up.

  2. Abelard Lindsey says:

    I will say that your running commentary provides me with badly needed context that I can’t get from anywhere else. Please keep it up.

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