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Life in the Age of a Cornered Nuclear Dictator

Putin Will Get Desperate

Putin Will Get Desperate

In a foretaste of Putin’s evil intentions for Ukraine’s other cities, Russia’s siege of Mariupol has cut off food, water and power supplies, whilst the bodies of the dead are being buried in mass graves. The Red Cross has condemned Russia’s cold-blooded killing of civilians by bombing and mining the “humanitarian corridors” it had agreed could be used by families to escape from the city.

The Ukrainian resistance has shown astounding bravery against an invading force that is ten times larger and unrestrained by any sense of honour or morality.

How long the Ukrainians can continue to hold out and inflict losses on the Russians, depends in large part on the assistance they continue to receive from the outside world.

To stop Putin from provoking a wider war by attacking more countries, it is now crucial that Ukraine’s many allies around the world help it to prevent Russia’s aggression from succeeding there.


Surge in Demand for Underground Fallout Shelters

A nuclear armed dictator in mental decline: Not a promising scenario for much of the world. The situation is unstable on an existential basis far beyond anything that Covid may have threatened.

A surge in demand for underground shelters following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has also been felt by US-based companies, three manufacturers told Insider in February

Typically, fallout bunkers have been known as an unconventional safety net for the rich and paranoid. But two European companies told the Times that their customer base has extended beyond the wealthy to working-class people in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine. 

“Rich people do not have these fears and often have jets or helicopters that are already a valid escape route for them,” Minus Energie owner Giulio Cavicchioli told Ansa, Italy’s leading wire service. “Instead, (customers) are small business owners, traders, and health informants.”


Switzerland has the infrastructure to house virtually its entire population underground for a significant period of time, including hospital facilities. Fifteen years ago, the Swiss believed that the world was past the danger of nuclear war. Now, Putin is giving Switzerland cause to rethink that belief.

After Russia’s attack this week on Ukrainian power plant Zaporizhzhya, the Swiss government reassured residents that the country is prepared for every kind of attack – even a nuclear one, with fallout shelters for every resident of Switzerland.

We’ve got you covered

“Neutrality is no guarantee against radioactivity,” was the government slogan that went around at the beginning of the Cold War to fund the building of fallout shelters. A law was passed quickly after that every “inhabitant must have a protected place that can be reached quickly from his place of residence” and “apartment block owners are required to construct and fit out shelters in all new dwellings.” This bunker must either be built into one’s home or apartment building, or residents can pay a special tax to secure a space in a communal shelter.

But these shelters are not typical basements or even what you would use during a tornado. They are built at least 3 meters below ground and the walls are made of several centimeters thick concrete. The doors lock with an airtight seal and the ventilation does not allow deadly nuclear toxins in, but also prevents carbon monoxide poisoning. Shelters are built to be able to withstand a 12-megaton explosion within 700 meters of the blast.

The largest Swiss shelter was constructed at the height of the fallout shelter building boom in the 1970s. Up to 20,000 people can take refuge in the Sonnenberg tunnel in Lucerne. On the floors above the tunnel was constructed a small hospital (with an operating room), a radio broadcast station and a control center to help the survivors get back on their feet.

Crazy Putin, Sane Swiss

Nuclear War Survival Skills

The book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny with over 400,000 copies in print is the authoritative text on expedient survival during nuclear war. Acclaimed by nuclear defense experts throughout the world, Nuclear War Survival Skills should be in every American home and place of business. It should be a part of all civilian and military defense preparation.Now the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which distributes extensive written, audio, and video information on expedient and permanent civil defense procedures and preparations, has produced this four part series in which the field tested instructions in Nuclear War Survival Skills and facts about nuclear weapons effects are demonstrated by civil defense volunteers including demonstrations and explanations by Cresson H. Kearny.Shelter construction and ventilation, water purification, food preparation, radiation monitoring and many other life-saving procedures – these essential survival skills are performed just as they would be to save lives in a real nuclear emergency.

Putin’s game of “nuclear chicken” is underway:

The above simulation assumes that all weapons systems function as designed.

There have been over 20 “false alarms” for national early detection systems and/or nuclear launch command systems, according to the above video. Having to deal with a mentally declining dictator of Russia who has already demonstrated marked psychopathic tendencies toward mass murder, is not a good sign.

Nuclear War: US Simulations

Putin is Just Crazy Enough…

Asked if Putin would use nuclear weapons, Mr Volkov replied: “As he is crazy enough, we can expect unfortunately everything.”

He had earlier said the war feels “enormously painful”, adding: “I want to cry. Putin is president of Russia. This is Putin’s war, not my war.

“I am trying to cry as loud as possible and I ask my fellow compatriots to cry.

“This is not our war, not in our name. He is doing it. Not in our name.”

Meanwhile, Poland’s President warned Moscow could use “anything” including chemical weapons.

Andrzej Duda told the BBC ‘s Sunday Morning: “This is something that the world has not seen on this scale since the Second World War.

“If you’re asking can Putin use chemical weapons, I think that Putin can use anything right now, especially because he’s in a very difficult situation.”

Fears are mounting that Russia is paving the way for a “false flag” attack by blaming Ukraine for using chemical weapons before launching its own.

Putin is Not All There

The mentally failing thug who holds Russia and the world hostage over his own whims, should not be allowed to have his way — because his demands will only become more and more extreme as his mental condition deteriorates. And then, in the end, he is still likely to carry out his threats as he sees his sense of control faltering.

Hope for the best. But prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

Reliving the last days of Stalin in a nuclear age?

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