Peter Zeihan: Hell is Coming to Breakfast

When an unstoppable force confronts an immovable object

It is a diminished Russia that is facing mounting military losses in Ukraine amid a rising Ukrainian resistance. Biden is calling for regime change in Russia while after only four weeks of war Russia faces a looming economic crisis. Morale is falling on the battlefield and back home.

An Uncertain Future

Invade or be invaded

According to some Russia observers, to reduce the risk of future invasions of Russia Putin is determined to invade 5 more countries — 4 of which are in NATO. Any other leader would have been ejected from power after subjecting Russia to such destructive forces, but Putin is the perfect ruler of Russia — perhaps the only ruler that Russia would tolerate in the country’s present form.

For any nation bordering on Russia, this is the time to prepare for a war with Russia. This includes Belarus, which in many ways is already suffering a destructive invasion from Russian forces. Finland has prepared its citizens for another war with Russia for decades. Finland teaches its citizens to kill. It is time for all other border states with Russia to do the same.

Russia After Putin

… instability in Moscow caused by Putin’s departure probably would lead to a power struggle among his successors. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, both of whom are most directly implicated in the Ukrainian disaster, likely would be ousted. The remaining members of Putin’s inner circle would jockey for power, try to end the war in Ukraine, and repair relations with the world. Thousands of shell-shocked soldiers returning from the front would not help to stabilize conditions.

Without him, that system likely cannot be sustained and will disintegrate with potentially horrific consequences for the Russians who sustained Putin in power for over two decades.

The Hill

Putin is the last gasp of the KGB, the last breath of the USSR. If you finally reach the point where you want to understand what has been going on, read Putin’s People by Catherine Belton. Until you get the details and read the words of the dozens of Russians who participated first-hand in the turmoil of the making of Putin, you will continue to choke on the drivel of low rent media personalities and state propaganda.

Where did the phrase “hell is coming to breakfast” come from? Here.


Why are Russians such tireless suckers for state propaganda?

Russia has lost a lot of men and materiel

Russia tries to replace destroyed tanks with stored tanks that have no engines!

Military gear is being removed from long-term storage facilities and is being channeled to a repair and rehabilitation base near the Belarus and Ukraine border, GUR asserted, but in cases such as the Russian 4th Tank Division, the conditions of vehicles are such that only one-in-ten “mothballed” units is in working order.  

The Ukrainian Intelligence Directorate alleged that corruption had been a major reason for the “extremely unsatisfactory” condition of the equipment being taken out of storage.

“Optical devices and electronics containing precious metals were stolen from the combat vehicles,” said GUR. The intelligence body reported that many of the 4th Tank Division’s stored tanks were “completely dismantled,” and that some did not have engines.

Corruption Inc. Life in a Mafia State

Why NATO no longer loses sleep over the Russian battle tank force

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  1. varjags says:

    Hi, after all those years you where right in the end about Putins Russia. I hope about China maybe you assertions are more wrong. India playing interesting games now just like Arab peninsula country’s.Why so many in west especially Libertarians cheere for Putin to win, is she some Libertarian or dissident role model now.
    So Baltics next, but who knows when will try to invade,well time for 3G’s- guns, gold and a getaway plan(Celente). Thanks to 3 D’s western world will need soon 3 G’s.
    Me hope for the best outcome, but should really prepare for the worst.

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