Ways to Resist An Invading Army of Murderous Thugs

The ongoing mass murder and displacement of large numbers of civilians in Ukraine by Putin’s Russia is nothing that a civilized leader or nation would ever do. Because of its sheer brutality and self-defeating nature, it was not anticipated by most reasonable people. But it is being done without remorse and is being defended by persons of low moral character both in the Russian media and by others around the world. That is all common knowledge and not subject to meaningful dispute.

What Can Ordinary People Do Against Such Thugs?

The Ukrainian people are showing an amazing degree of pluck and initiative in dealing with invading thugs. If your country was similarly invaded, how would your people do?

Everyone has their own contribution to make, based upon their unique skill set. If you have a profession or skilled occupation, there is a chance that you can best serve the resistance by performing as yourself.  But the resistance will certainly need persons of special skills which are not ordinarily needed to a significant degree in peacetime.

Some persons can serve the resistance best working as a computer hacker.  In today’s world, almost all weapons, communications, and logistical systems depend upon digital signals.  If you are capable of disrupting enemy signals information, you can affect the outcome of battles.

Other persons might be drone wizards, capable of flying a variety of drones for the purpose of reconnaissance or attack.  With drones you can follow the progress of enemy troop movements, locate enemy artillery and armor, and even instigate or coordinate direct attacks on enemy assets.

Then there is the rare individual who has what it takes to slip behind enemy lines and gather intelligence, sabotage enemy installations, or even assassinate high value targets.

To become an assassin, you must be a hunter. You must know the patterns and routines of your prey so that you may strike when they are most vulnerable. To be an assassin, you must learn the way of the wizard, so you may stop the world and see with the eyes of God. The assassin must live in the shadows, have no true identity and exist in the common world on a deeper level. It is the assassin of great power who can control their environment, become one with their surroundings and remain unseen in full view of the enemy.

The Assassin

More enterprising individuals may even wish to start their own private military contracting company. Such a company may provide combat forces, logistical support, information or hacking resources, special weaponry, or liaison between the resistance forces and outside entities that wish to exercise plausible deniability.

How to Start a Military Contracting Company

  • Understand yourself and your customers
  • Select a special niche
  • Know your competitors
  • Operate within a strict legal framework*
  • Insure your operation
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Register with all applicable governmental agencies
  • Prepare a thorough business plan
  • Secure ample capital
  • Location
  • Employees: Hiring and training
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Know your limitations

*The main rule of war which you should always remember is that there are no rules of war other than what you can get away with. This is something that Russia’s mafia leadership understands, but few people in the western world seem to comprehend.

If you are operating inside a “no man’s land” or “free fire zone” such as the Donbas region of Ukraine seems destined to become, the rules of military contracting simplify to more closely resemble wars between Mexican drug cartels or other internecine wars of organized crime or religious conflict. In that case, your participation is based on reasons of your own and we hope that you understand the main rule of war above — and the long term consequences of following it should you survive the war.

More: Small Unit Tactics (SAS)

War is controlled insanity. If you are good at it — but do not know when to revert back to normal rules of peacetime thinking when the time comes — your entire life can be ruined. Better to never have started down that road at all if you have a choice.

If on the other hand you are able to switch your mode of thinking at will, from war to peace and back again, then you may be a psychopath, and can probably find a wide range of roles in both government militaries and private militaries. Your primary challenge will be self-discipline and self-control to keep your insanity within proper bounds.

Humane and thoughtful persons who get caught up in warfare by forces beyond their control, may be good at war and then subsequently good at peace. But something inside themselves is likely to be destroyed by the experience, and they will be aware of the loss. They will likely not wish to discuss it, even with persons close to them.

Technological Change Empowers Individuals

Thanks to technology, it is possible for an individual to be his own literary publishing house, his own music company, his own manufacturing company, his own construction company, and a wide range of other enterprises that previously required several employees to run.

Technology is also empowering the warrior, so that one F-35 pilot will be able to control the careful flying of 200 flying drones and the delivery of 2,000 precision munitions or more, in a single sortie. Similar force multiplication will be available to ground or ship-based controllers of armor drones or ship drones.

We do not like to discuss the substitution of a machine intelligence in the place of a human controller, but we all know that it is coming anyway.

When Elon Musk crows about the coming of autonomous automobiles and trucks, he is speaking to a legitimate coming crisis of demography which is difficult to deny. The only thing likely to stop it is a global return to the dark ages or the stone ages — for various reasons, only some of which relate to Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s demographic crisis dictates a need for autonomous weapons systems. And autonomous weapons systems are certainly coming. Russia will not be able to mass produce such systems that work, but if outsiders keep buying Russian oil & gas, Russia will be able to buy autonomous weapons of mass obliteration — and are more likely than any other northern hemispheric power to use them in the same barbaric fashion that they use manned weapons systems in Ukraine.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

If Russia had more Dangerous Children, it would have no more remnants of the old Soviet KGB, and thus no Vladimir Putin. Average Russians are programmed, and true believers in the grand destiny of the Russian Empire are ultra-programmed. That is the diametric opposite of how a Dangerous Child is made up — call it anti-programmed contrarian and radically independent in a multi-competent way.

If you want to avoid the sort of Charlie Foxtrot that Putin has brought to Ukraine, simply promote the nurturing of new generations of Dangerous Children, and create the sort of environment in which Dangerous Children thrive and are empowered. Nothing more would be required of you.

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2 Responses to Ways to Resist An Invading Army of Murderous Thugs

  1. Will Brown says:

    I’m curious to learn if this blog will flinch away from the obvious honest reply to the titular question: be more thuggish than the invaders.

    Once again, something that will take years/decades of effort to work through all of the propaganda and simple mistaken reporting to arrive at some semblance of a “true answer”.

  2. Will Brown says:

    As follow-up to my own comment, another way of putting the reply above might be: fight harder/more effectively than the invading forces.

    Which answer simply ignores all of the influencing factors any military force actually has to successfully deal with in order to perform combat maneuvers in the real world. The Laws of Land Warfare aren’t actually “laws”, they are a set of treaty stipulations agreed to by treaty-accepting nations. Like “international law”, a polite fiction shared between “polite” countries.

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