India Economic Enclave Grills Peter Zeihan

This is Peter Zeihan’s third consecutive annual appearance at the India Economic Enclave. They keep inviting him back because his predictions keep coming true.

One of Peter Zeihan’s recent predictions which is now coming true, is his prediction that Russia wants to march across southern Ukraine all the way to Moldova. A Kremlin spokesman is now confirming that this is indeed the plan of the Russian military. Zeihan’s prediction goes further to say that Putin wants to also threaten Romania — a former Warsaw pact nation.

But the Russian aspirations aren’t limited to south Ukraine alone. According to the Russian flag officer, the Kremlin wants to reach Transnistria, a pro-Russian breakaway province in Moldova, in order to “free” the Russian-speaking population that is being “oppressed.”

To achieve that, however, the Russian military would have to capture Odesa, Ukraine’s third-largest city and its biggest port. For the past two months, Odesa has been preparing for a Russian attack. Judging by the performance of the Russian military thus far, it is highly doubtful that it would be able to capture such a major and well-defended urban center.


Russia has still not taken total control of Mariupol, after eight years of trying — and two months of all-out attempts to eradicate Ukrainian military presence in the port city. That, plus Putin’s defeat in the Kyiv attacks, suggests that whatever the Kremlin plans is not the same as what the Kremlin will ultimately achieve.

Ukraine is slowly acquiring more fighter aircraft, more tanks, more artillery, and more effective weapons against Russian ships, planes, and artillery.

Ukraine is taking Russian armor away from Putin’s army

Loitering munitions in Ukraine

Creative uses for claymore antipersonnel mines

Ukrainians are first-rate weapons builders, unlike the Russians who are lost without outside help. As Ukrainians learn to use, maintain, repair, and improve on a growing river of NATO weapons systems, we are likely to see entirely new uses for old weapons — and entirely new variants of old NATO systems.

Putin is Pruning the Russian Oligarch Tree (Fatal Purges)

Putin murders oligarchs and their families — just call it “murder suicide”. Sure it is. The world will celebrate the day of Putin’s death, and beat a path to his grave to empty their bladders.

Most likely scenario for these oligarch-family violent deaths:

…the entire family was murdered and the crime scene was later stage to appear like a murder-suicide.

Putin’s Murder List Grows Ever Longer

Putin only rules by fear at this point. The rewards that he can hand out are growing scarce and puny. The old Imperial spiel is leaving a sick feeling in Russians’ minds, as the coffins flow back home on a river of blood.

Meanwhile Back in Ukraine

The logistical and communication nightmares still exist and Russian commanders have been forced to communicate via unsecured cellphones which leaves them vulnerable to artillery strikes.  

And rather than redeploy, regroup, and re-arming its units that have suffered heavy casualties, they’ve thrown them back into the fray as they try to gain a large battlefield victory prior to the May 9, Victory Day parade in Moscow, where the Russians celebrate the surrender of the Germans during “The Great Patriotic War” which is how they characterize World War II. 


Today, Russia is the Nazi army invading a peaceful neighbor without just cause. There is no fate too bad for Putin to suffer now, and the longer the Russians take to eliminate the dictator, the deeper the hole they are digging for themselves.

Putin’s War Accelerates Russia’s Demographic Collapse

Russian population is melting at a dizzying pace, and the war will only accentuate the trend. This explains why the army is looking for its recruits further and further away, in the peripheral republics. In the long run, the brain drain, especially of young graduates, will weaken the country’s ability to innovate, especially since it is occurring on an unprecedented scale, say many observers, claiming that Vladimir Putin is shooting himself in the foot.

A Shrinking Russia in a Ruinous War

Putin’s gamble in Ukraine has failed. The Ukrainian government didn’t fall, and the Ukrainian people are now united against the Russian invaders. Meanwhile, NATO is stronger than ever and is looking to add two new members, Sweden and Finland, which for decades had been non-aligned. __ Source

Russia has benefited from 20 million ethnic Russians moving from the former USSR republics to Russia, over the past 20-30 years. But that ship has sailed, and we are now seeing an absolute yearly reduction of population in Russia — despite a new influx of non-Russian third world muslims into Russia.

Putin will try to use NBC weapons of mass destruction… but will his command structure carry out his orders now that his incompetence is exposed for all to see?

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