Putin: Not Parkinson’s; Tardive Dyskinesia

Tardive dyskinesia (TD) is a disorder that results in involuntary, repetitive body movements, which may include grimacing, sticking out the tongue, or smacking the lips.[1] Additionally, there may be rapid jerking movements or slow writhing movements.[1] In about 20% of people with TD, the disorder interferes with daily functioning.[3]

Wikipedia Tardive Dyskinesia

Video Shows Russian President Biting Lips and Making Unusual Gestures

Footage of the event showed the nervous-looking Russian President chewing up his lips. Putin’s unusual gestures endorsed speculations that he is physically unwell and these could be signs of Parkinson’s disease.

Sticking Out His Tongue

Drugs that cause tardive dyskinesia

Two Old Men with Old Brains

In the US, the president shakes hands with invisible people. In Russia, the president makes unusual gestures and raves about Nazi slime and traitors who disagree with him. Two countries. Two presidents who owe their positions to election fraud. Two huge nuclear arsenals waiting for permission to set the world on fire.

Russia Divided on Question of Genocidal War Against Ukraine

Young Russians who follow a broad range of news sources, tend to oppose Putin’s chaotic bloodshed in Ukraine. Those who can find work outside of the country have already left or are making plans to get out. The ones who must stay behind are preparing for a level of hardship unseen since the 1990s in Russia.

But for many Russians, that hardship is already here:

…hand-to-mouth living, no savings at all; still using the outhouse and relying on firewood to keep warm — both 20-25% of the Russian population — really. They are often employed, the “working poor,” living below the poverty line despite having a job. $150 is considered a decent monthly salary in the low places. Life expectancy and pension age are about the same for Russian males, so it’s a close race between death and a couple years’ retirement.

This is Russia beyond the big cities, in localities like Biysk or Porkhov. It’s all those townlets with a grey-on-grey color scheme and roads like they’ve just been bombed. Born there? Your alcoholic father has quite possibly been beating up your granny for her $150 pension, and junkies were doing salt in the back of your class in the eighth grade. Collection of scrap metal was an honorable alternative to petty theft, though the metal had to be stolen anyway. Your social circle was all sporting Adidas tracksuits, a third had done jail time. Chances are, you knew someone who killed someone. You sure knew someone who drank themselves to death (maybe it was your dad). And in lieu of the older generation to look up to, you got dames with permed hair, bloated from their cheap macaroni diet, hunched and dead-eyed before they turn 40. Somewhere, people were driving Ferraris, but you stood as much chance of becoming them as hitching a ride on the SpaceX Dragon. Not that you know what it is.

It’s the young men from these low places who comprise a disproportionate percentage of the Russian invading force in Ukraine. Coupled with the simple fact that war breeds atrocity, especially a retro war like this one, is there any wonder that so many Russian soldiers, especially rank-and-file — but also some commanders from the same world — have turned to unspeakable crimes? Unspeakable to you and me, maybe; to them, it was just another Thursday — even in peacetime. The few who somehow picked up the importance of morals in spite of everything bailed out and never looked back. Or are dead. Morals are not conducive to survival in Biysk and Porkhov.

A Russia Divided

The misery is spreading across the land like a massive oil spill, inundating a shrinking mass of people who would rather be drunk and oblivious — anything rather than facing a reality of an incompetent leadership in the face of a self-created disaster.

Speaking of an oil spill:

Russia is not the only country that is experiencing capital flight and human flight. Russia’s totalitarian partner in crime — China — is beginning to experience fallout on multiple fronts from its decision to support Putin’s genocidal war in Ukraine.

China witnessed $17.5 billion worth of portfoliooutflows last month, an all-time high, according to most recent data from the Institute of International Finance (IIF). The US-based trade association called this capital flight by overseas investors “unprecedented,” especially as there were no similar outflows from other emerging markets during this period. The outflows included $11.2 billion in bonds, while the rest were equities.

Data from the Chinese government also showed a record bond-market retreat by foreign investors in recent months. Overseas investors offloaded a net 35 billion yuan ($5.5 billion) of Chinese government bonds in February, thelargest monthly reduction on record, according to China Central Depository and Clearing. The sell-off accelerated in March, hitting a new high of 52 billion yuan ($8.1 billion).

“China’s support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine was clearly the catalyst for capital to leave China,” said George Magnus, an associate at the China Centre at Oxford University and former chief economist for UBS.

China Shaken: The Early Stages

Putin has united Ukraine against Russia, and has strengthened the NATO partnership — to the point of helping to extend NATO along Russia’s borders. A stream of advanced NATO weapons is growing into a river, with heavier and more advanced weapons joining the flow.

When combined with advanced anti-battery radar and advanced surveillance drones, these new ultra-modern German self-propelled howitzers will help change the balance of power across the Donbas. Ukraine’s military command structure provides greater decision making at the unit level — unlike the Russian command which is always top-down. Expect ever more Russian generals and colonels to suffer the ultimate penalty for Putin’s failure to modernize a Russian military still mired in the Stalin era.

Germany may not be willing to send heavy weapons directly to Ukraine. But the roundabout route can be equally effective. Ukraine does not need to match Russia weapon for weapon or man for man. It only has to fight better with what it has.

More: Germany is sending advanced anti-aircraft armored vehicles

US F-22A Raptor Stealth Fighter’s Makeover/Downsizing

The US Air Force plans to retire 33 out of 186 F-22A Raptors to leave it with only about 150 of the world’s most dreaded and fully proven stealth fighter planes. Even stranger is the plans that the USAF has for those 150 remaining Raptors:

…the F-22 is being used as something of a test surrogate for technologies that are being developed under the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program, as well as adopting technologies that have been designed for NGAD, but can be fielded early on the F-22 to meet emerging threats.

NGAD is much more than a ‘new fighter.’ In fact, calling anything it produces a fighter probably isn’t even that accurate. It is a broad initiative that aims to create a ‘system of systems’ that will ensure U.S. tactical air dominance for the decades to come. It includes a highly adaptable and optionally manned platform that possesses substantial range, enhanced survivability, and next-generation modular sensor capabilities. It also supposedly developing companion unmanned aircraft and weapons, as well as a high-end networking architecture to connect them all together. Beyond these top-end items, NGAD includes a series of studies and development efforts needed to substantiate and bring to life the technologies required to underpin the NGAD entire ecosystem. Some sort of demonstrator for NGAD has been flying for some time now, although what exactly it includes remains a mystery.

Between Worlds

While both Russia and China still struggle to attain a fraction of the capabilities of the F22 Raptor, the USAF has decided that the 1990s era warplane is expensive overkill for the current global air combat environment. After watching the fumbling efforts of China and Russia, US planners seem to have decided that the F-35 combined with upgraded F/A 18s, upgraded F-15s, upgraded F-16s, and advanced semi-autonomous drones working in concert with piloted fighters, can manage US global air defense obligations At least until this stealthy drone mother-ship takes to the skies.

The world has watched Russia’s brutal bumbling in Ukraine, as its army rapes and murders its way through the rubble that Putin calls military victories. It is clear that Russia has a limited learning curve up to its apex tactic of warfare — the scorched Earth tactic, which blends roughly into Russia’s apex strategy of warfare — the scorched Earth strategy.

Ukraine, on the other hand, has a long way to climb to achieve its cruising altitude of warfighting. Inside the USSR, Ukraine was the expert builder of jet turbine engines, rocket guidance systems, and other high level technologies of weapons systems. Russia has still not recovered from the loss of Ukrainian turbine engines in building its own ships, jets, and helicopters. An inept China tried to buy Ukrainian technology outright, only to be turned away at the last minute.

Due to residual USSR-era corruption within Ukraine, the country failed to use its technological prowess to prepare for a serious defense against Russian invasion. But Ukraine’s impromptu last-minute defense served to deflect Russia from Kyiv, and get the Russian army bogged down in a war of attrition in the Donbas.

As Ukraine acquires heavier weapons and more advanced technologies from the west, its savvy engineers, builders, and commanders will be improvising night and day to develop innovative tactics and strategies to counter the all-too-predictable Russian blunderbuss.

The Russian people were always serfs, always children. They were never allowed the freedom to grow into themselves or to develop autonomous thinking skills outside of their elite high level controlling authorities. This has been true from the days of the Mongolian Empire.

Perhaps with the death of Putin and his KGB cohorts, the ugly mind control of governments and elites over the Russian people can be broken.

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