All of Russia is Now a Fair Target for Ukraine

Explosions and Fires Emerge Across Russia: Oil depots, ammunition dumps, top-secret research labs, and other sensitive Russian targets have suffered mysterious fires and explosions recently.

The mysterious blazes in Russia have led to intense speculation that Ukraine has struck back against Moscow, with media reports suggesting that Ukrainian drones have been behind recent fires at two oil depots and a ‘top-secret’ defence facility in Russia.


Moscow erupted in flames as a possible result of Russian insurgency. A Russian military camp in Belgorod, Russia, was rocked by multiple explosions. Sabotage by disaffected Russian forces is not out of the question, in line with multiple mutinies by Russian troops in this conflict to date.

Ukraine moves to adapt to the Donbas battlefield terrain

UPS guided artillery helps make Ukraine most capable army in Europe

Russian Weakness Continues to Emerge In Putin’s War

Russia’s defence budget, of over $250bn at purchasing power, is about three times that of Britain or France, but much of it is squandered or stolen. Mr Putin and his top commanders kept their invasion plans from senior officers, reflecting a crippling lack of trust. Disaffected troops, fed on out-of-date rations, have deserted their vehicles. Units have tortured, raped and murdered only to be honoured by the Kremlin. Russia has failed to win control of the skies or combine air power with tanks, artillery and infantry. Wallowing in corruption, unable to foster initiative or learn from their mistakes, its frustrated generals abandoned advanced military doctrine and fell back on flattening cities and terrorising civilians.

Rotten Little Man’s Rotten Army

Core of Putin’s Weakness

A Long War of Attrition With Unpredictable Outcome

Reconstituting Ukraine’s Navy to Rule the Black Sea

China Caught Off Balance By War’s Turnings

Putin’s vanity war in Ukraine threatens the global food supply and is likely to strain the world’s energy supply. China is vulnerable to both of these supply threats. But the Putin war also threatens to unbalance world trade and manufacturing, which compounds the previous two threats to the Middle Kingdom.

Putin’s smug descent into war must vex China’s Xi immensely. As long as Russia and China pretended to be civilized, their intended victims could lull themselves to sleep believing that they were safe from invasion for now. But Russia was never civilized, and now the world sees what should have been obvious all along. By association, China is now seen as uncivilized. This will make Taiwan double its preparations to repel China’s coming invasion. China must resent this inconvenience.

As for Russia, it is stuck with a long war of attrition, where embarrassing losses pile up to the point of genuine and undeniable pain. Putin has stuck his foot in it now, and NATO looks likely to be twice the greater presence on Russian borders than it was before. Every nation must now bolster its defenses against Moscow, including China.

Russia can save itself only by disposing of Putin.


A historical look at Ukraine’s weapons production role inside the old USSR provides insight into Russia’s current and future problems with weapons systems. Russia has still not caught up in the fields of precision engineering and precision manufacturing. This backwardness is revealed in the problems Russia has with its ships, helicopters, planes, tanks, and any weapons systems relying on high tech components and precision manufactured parts.

Almost half of Russian military spending is lost to corruption involving siloviki and high ranking officers and defense officials. Putin encourages this kind of graft (see Putin’s People and The New Nobility), in fact he demands it. He doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t use his position to cheat, steal, and sometimes kill.

If Putin cannot own the world, he means to blow it up. Russia’s absolute existential necessity is to make sure Putin cannot use them. A madman who uses the threat of nuclear war to coerce the world into bowing to him, is a man who has forfeited the right to exist.

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2 Responses to All of Russia is Now a Fair Target for Ukraine

  1. Will Brown says:

    As soon as President Biden signs the linked Act of Congress (which he specifically asked for and both chambers have now passed for his signature) the Russian Federation and its allies will have their cassus belli and be legally (as per a number of treaties the US is signatory to) authorized to perform military counter strikes to US and allied countries engaging in open warfare against Russia.

    Please note that under the terms of the US Constitution, ALL members of both chambers of the US Congress, along with all entities of the US federal branch of government – not just the Pentagon and similar intentionally military government entities – become immediate targets for Russian military counter strikes. [cite?] As do any and all foreign military assets assisting in this act of US military aggression, wherever on or off Earth they may be physically located.

    [Admin: If supplying weapons to a combatant in a war were justification for military attack under international law, then the US would have been justified in going to (total) war against China, the USSR, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and a long list of other countries on multiple occasions. I don’t think international law works the way you suggest. Russia is facing a quickly accumulating list of legitimate war crimes charges in connection with its unprovoked war in Ukraine. Russia is now trying to avoid the consequences of its actions by changing the subject and trying to make world governments forget who began this conflict and who continues to escalate the war against civilians. Either the world exacts a meaningful price from Russia, or Russia continues on its interminable war of conquest against peaceful neighbors. ]

    Click to access BILLS-117s3522es.pdf

    • alfin2101 says:

      You seem to agree with Russia’s claim that it can do anything it wants to with its neighbors. Many reasons are given, but it always comes down to the rule of the strongest. Putin believed he was the strongest, and that Ukraine, NATO, the EU, and the current US government would all capitulate to his strength. As the reality proves more complex than Putin supposed, he must call out the dogs of propaganda to protest against anyone who opposes him. I regret that so many people who are otherwise basically sound in general reasoning find it necessary to fall in line with Russia’s apocalyptic protests against how things are unfolding.

      Putin is fighting for his position and his life, so he will say anything. Russia, on the other hand, can live without Putin. A gradual awakening to that fact will make a world of difference.

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