My Soldiers Don’t Want to Fight; I Have to Shoot Them

Exhausted soldiers are now being pressed into a new Kremlin offensive in Ukraine’s eastern territories, as Putin eyes capturing the entire Donbas region.

However, troop morale appears to have hit rock bottom with soldiers increasingly refusing to fight.

A recently intercepted telephone conversation between a Russian officer and his wife revealed the desperation of Putin’s frontline commanders as they try to motivate their soldiers.

The officer said: “My soldiers don’t want to fight. I even shoot them – but it’s no use.”

Army Morale Just Gets Worse

Russian Officers Refuse to Carry Out Orders

No matter how hard Putin tries to restrict information about Russia’s losses in Ukraine, total control of information flow is impossible. Military organizations always have multiple parallel formal and informal channels for sending messages, which makes Putin’s job of information control so much harder. And as the troops back in Russia continue to learn the shoddy way that Putin is using Russia’s army in Ukraine, some of them are expressing their unhappiness in unconventional ways.

The Russian military analyst, called Andrey Shipilov, posted in his Telegram channel, “in the Russian army, in any case, in those parts that are on the territory of Russia, a mass strike of the middle command level began. And above all staff. All work is sabotaged, all orders from superiors are put on brakes.”

Refusing the Dictator’s Call

Call it Genocide if You Want

A Creeping Weakness Penetrates to the Bones

  • Russia’s military is falling short in Ukraine, with reports describing low morale and elite troop losses.

The invasion of Ukraine has made Russia’s military “significantly weaker” despite its defense budget doubling in the past 20 years, the UK said Tuesday.

“Russia’s military is now significantly weakened, both materially and conceptually, as a result of its invasion of Ukraine,” the British Ministry of Defence tweeted in its daily intelligence report on Russia’s invasion.


Putin is displaying multiple signs of serious illness. Putin has already outlived most of his male cohorts, and is showing signs of physical deterioration more commonly seen in men ten years older in the west. In Russia, he is old.

Putin is not the man he once was:

Will Russia allow Putin to drag the whole country down with him, as he enters his terminal decline? And how long will Russia’s military and security apparatus continue to carry out Putin’s orders as it becomes clear that Russia may never recover from the damage that Putin is doing?

Russia has great potential to contribute to a positive future, if it only had a better leadership. The current leaders all had ties to the old USSR intelligence, security, and military apparatus. The mindset of these corrupt old men is stuck in another era, long past. Their thinking is fossilized in ways that makes them unfit to lead their nation into a cooperative future of world nations. The USSR is gone. The old Russian Empire is gone. Neither will ever return. The more effort Russia puts into recreating those lost empires, the more certain it is that Russia itself will disintegrate.

Russia has a bright future, as long as it does not become mired in its blurry recollections of a fabled past.


An interesting look at Russia’s nuclear posturing in the face of conventional weapons failure:

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