25,000 Russians Dead; 75,000 Wounded and Captured

Putin lowered his pants and the world only laughed. Now his wounded pride demands full-scale war. But that only risks greater humiliation for Russia and in the end, utter ruin.

Russia’s most “elite” units have been devastated by Putin’s big mistake, and Russia’s dead and maimed are just a small price the corrupt old country must pay.

Donbas Resists Russian Onslaught; Black Sea Fleet Falters

Despite 72 days of war, the Russian Aerospace Forces have failed to achieve air dominance over Ukraine. And the Ukrainian military is starting to incorporate the new weapon systems the U.S. and NATO have been sending. The M-777 155mm Howitzer, in particular, and counter-artillery radars will allow the Ukrainian military to conduct better counterattacks. According to the Pentagon, 80 M-777 155mm Howitzers are already in Ukraine with the rest 10 on their way to the eastern European country. __ Daily Tactical

Russia’s faltering offensive on Donbas stumbles; Ukraine arms up… Every day brings more advanced weapons and training in their use to the defenders of Ukraine. And every day brings more bloodshed to Russian forces and greater demoralization in the ranks of the bewildered invaders.

Why did Russia go to war against a peaceful neighbor, against a people with strong ethnic and cultural ties to Russia? When it is clear that Ukrainians reject Russian overtures and just want Russians to leave, why do Russians persist? When every action of the Russian invaders magnifies the growing hatred of Ukraine toward Russia, why do the Russian people support the unprovoked bloodshed? Are Russians merely serfs and automatons who can only do what their corrupt leaders tell them?

Ukraine getting pounded by Russian artillery

Perhaps this anti-battery radar system will help to hit back against Russian guns and rockets

Germany and Netherlands send advanced long-range howitzers

US sends several dozen ultra-light howitzers

France sends dozen advanced Caesar self-propelled howitzers

More on Netherlands howitzers

Czechs send advanced weaponry, heavy and light

Even more assistance is going to Ukraine from the UK, Sweden, Norway, and dozens of other nations around the world. Weapons, aid, food, cash, intelligence — whatever may help to repel the barbarian invaders.

Putin screwed the pooch, and Russia itself may be the cost of his utter folly. Russia cannot afford all the losses it is suffering — land, sea, and air — from Putin’s huge miscalculation.

Putin always believed that Russia’s oil & gas gave him an unlimited pocketbook that would last forever. He himself is too stupid and too terminal to learn better, but the brighter Russians of those left behind in the gulag nation are beginning to comprehend the limitations of the petrostate model.

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