Don’t Trust Anybody

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Don’t Trust Schools to Prepare Children for Real Life

Schools have been political indoctrination centers for over four decades now. But they ceased being reliable preparation for the future of children in the real world much farther back in time.

Parent keep shoving their kids into school systems, trusting that the schools will magically turn their immature kids into wise, mature, fully prepared and responsible citizens of the future. Sadly, too many parents and students have not woken up to the massive scam being perpetrated on their futures.

The world is coming at us at increasing speeds, and in ways that we will not like. We need to be paying attention, and be prepared. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

In Most of the World, Corruption is How Things Get Done

The startlingly inept performance of Putin and his armed forces in its 19th century-style invasion of Ukraine, is a perfect illustration of corruption on parade. The following video is an interesting expose’ of the different levels of corruption inside the Russian military.

Russia is in many ways a third world country. It is actually a multi-level mafia state, where anyone with an official position is expected to use that position to get ahead — just don’t step on the wrong toes and don’t leave too much of a paper trail.

Daily updates of the bloody drunken Russian invasion of its peaceful neighbor seem rather beside the point at this time. It has taken me a few months to get past the visceral outrage. But my opinion of Russia and Putin are essentially unchanged since 2014 (and in many ways since 2008).

Back in the early 2000s, I believed that Putin was passing up a golden opportunity to make Russia a modern and prosperous country. In the years since, I have come to understand that Putin never had any intention of doing anything to benefit the Russian people. The corruption was already built in, alongside the innate hostility to a western world that always seemed to have more blue jeans, toilet paper, and modern medical care, than a perpetually backward Russia. Why try to build your own country up if you can get absurdly wealthy off the natural resources while attempting to tear down your perceived adversaries on multiple levels?

It is only recently that I read Putin’s People, and filled in a lot of gaps in my Putin historical awareness. But this entire clusterfoque is about a lot more than Vladimir Putin and how he has taken Russia down the slick road to perdition. Long after Putin is gone, Russia will suffer under the corruption saturation discussed in the video above. The disjointed empire is not likely to survive the next 15 years. The invasion and subsequent unmasking of Russia’s essential ineptness was Putin’s choice. He forced the choice on Kremlin leadership. He will not live to witness the unfolding consequences.

If it is true that Putin is under a death watch, the Kremlin leadership is likely trying to limit the damage from the current misadventure. Watch for details to emerge over the next weeks and months.

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2 Responses to Don’t Trust Anybody

  1. cecil1 says:

    Yes, Russia is corrupt, very corrupt.

    • alfin2101 says:

      I believe the video demonstrated the corruption of Russia. Other nations of the former USSR were certainly as corrupt as Russia back in 1991 when the union dissolved. But nations such as Ukraine have gradually moved away from Soviet style/Russia style corruption in fits and starts. They have had to, in order to try to fit themselves for membership in advanced world organizations such as NATO or the EU.

      The USSR was a mangy dog, and developing out of that kind of ugly and diseased organization will always be painful and difficult.

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