Fossil Fuels: Still How Energy Gets Done

There is a popular fantasy shared by large numbers of politicians, media hacks, and the recently university educated. It is a fantasy of a great “energy transition” away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy and electric vehicles. It is a well-meaning fantasy, but ultimately delusional. Real world numbers are not as inspirational as fantasies, but if you pay attention to real trends you are less likely to get your head kicked into the ground by reality.

The share of fossil fuels in world energy mix the same as ten years ago

Oil still fuels 97% of global transportation

Electric vehicles account for less than 5% of cars on the road

Mineral production worldwide cannot provide for a transition to EVs

Wind and Solar Electric Power Production Disrupt Power Grids at Large Scales

Green Energy was never going to work to replace fossil fuel and nuclear and only a total fool still believes in it

Germany’s failed renewables program helped cause the Russian invasion of Ukraine

As the International Energy Agency (IEA) documented, energy transition plans will require a 700% to 4,000% increase in the global production of minerals such as rare nickel, copper, cobalt, lithium, and rare earths. One World Bank study observed that “clean energy” technologies “are in fact significantly more material intensive.” Until now, that hasn’t mattered because wind, solar and batteries still account for only a few percentage points of global energy. 

The world doesn’t have enough mines operating or planned to meet such demand. Chasing such unprecedented quantities will stress global supply chains and inflate mineral prices. That will, in turn, make anything built from those minerals more expensive, which is pretty much everything. It also inflates the price tag of the energy transition because raw materials account for at least 20% of the cost of wind turbines and 60-70% of the costs of solar panels, and batteries.

Not Enough Minerals to Support Disastrous “Energy Transition”

Nuclear energy on a grand scale is the only technology that can replace a sizeable chunk of global fossil fuel produced electric power generation. without destroying advanced industrial economies. Global transportation will rely on fossil fuels for another century, in all probability. The economic realities and constraints on the “great energy transition” are fatal to the enterprise.

The combination of the Biden economic crash in the US combined with Putin’s catastrophic invasion of Ukraine is ultimately leading to global food and energy shortages and a global depression. If you also force the world’s most advanced economies to undergo a destructive “energy transition,” you will begin to see true hardship come to the west, with the “third worldification” of Europe and the Anglosphere gaining a much firmer grip.

More: An up to date chart of global human fertility rates:

Visual Capitalist

This chart tells you that in the high-IQ world of Europe, the Anglosphere, and East Asia — and in the medium-IQ world outside of sub-Saharan Africa, there will not be enough workers, technicians, technologists, engineers, and professionals to push a major economic transition on the ungodly scales being promoted by green policymakers in the twin fields of “green energy” and “climate change.”

More: Peter Zeihan’s latest book — The End of the World is Just the Beginning. Zeihan makes the important — and obvious — point that the world of the past 30 years is going away, and won’t be coming back.

On a different topic, Poland is emerging as a pivotal nation in central and northern Europe, thanks to its prompt and decisive actions to act as the primary mediator between Ukraine and the EU / NATO. Poland helped save Europe at least 3 times over the past 1,000 years, and is now poised to do it again.

Finally, Jordan Peterson is still around, still making videos, and still doing public speaking. The video below is a collaboration between his daughter Mikhaila and the man himself. The topic is on wokeism and advice to teens on how to survive the school-based ideological attack against normal biological girls and boys.

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