A 90 Minute Ultra-Depressing Look at the Future

Some people think that totalitarian dictatorships are the only workable approach to governing in the complex unpredictable world of the future. They look into the future and see an Orwellian “1984” network of dictatorships spanning the globe.

In the 90 minute video below, Peter Zeihan takes a contrary view. Dissecting global geography, demographics, politics, and economics, Zeihan projects a very dark future indeed for today’s totalitarian dictatorships. (Recommend starting at about the 6 minute mark)


Peter’s graphics-rich presentation is up to date, and includes significant predictions based upon the likely economic, energy, mineral, and global food outcomes from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. It isn’t a pretty picture.

Zeihan also focuses on Communist China’s long-term prospects. China has had some significant economic problems lately, with real estate collapses, bank runs, a game-changing loss of income to local governments, a high speed rail disaster, a crisis of confidence, and an all-around economic tailspin.

But all of those things represent good news for China compared with what Zeihan reveals in the video above.

Peter Zeihan’s latest book is titled “The End of the World is Just the Beginning.” The graphics in the video presentation above come from that book. If a lot of the ideas in this book remind you of ideas from his book “The Accidental Superpower” first published almost 10 years ago, it is because a significant number of the original predictions have tracked closely with subsequent real world developments. The latest book and the video above represent timely updates to the original set of predictions.

Bonus Video on Russia’s Manpower Dilemma:

Putin’s war on Ukraine exposes Russia’s ultimate demographic crisis in a way that nothing else could. The young Russians who are dying in this ludicrous invasion represent a human resource that will never be replaced. As these young men die, one can also see the dying of Putin’s Russia.

The interim loss of Russian oil, food, fertilizers, and minerals, will cause tremendous worldwide hardship. The shock to global supply chains is going to be memorable. Throw in the China disruptions and global supply chains may never recover.

Most modern young people cannot hold their attention spans on any one topic for five minutes, much less for 90 minutes. But for a thought provoking hour and a half of information/entertainment, the above video comes highly recommended.

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