Snoozing Germany Rudely Awakens to a Cold World

Snug and warm at the helm of the European Union and powered by Russian natural gas, German politicians and Green strategists faced the future with smug, complacent grins on their faces. But something happened on the way to Germany’s Green Energy Utopia. And suddenly, the future for Germany looks very cold.

Germans need Russian gas to heat their homes. The country’s heavy industry depends on Russian hydrocarbons. According to Robert Habeck, the German economy minister, any sudden stop in Russian gas flows would trigger a domino effect: an economic crisis which he compares to the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers.

In due course, the West will find alternative suppliers and clever ways to cut out Russian commodities. Until then, Putin could use his vast commodities as instruments for leverage and blackmail. He is already holding wheat shipments from Ukraine. As Russia is the world’s largest exporter of wheat and fertilizer, and second largest exporter of oil, Putin will try to bring the West to the negotiating table by making all kinds of threats.

Putin knows Germany is the weak spot of the western alliance, and that energy security is its greatest vulnerability. A gas embargo is not without risk for him, but he holds a strong hand. He may choose to play it.

A Predictable Case of Ice Cold Blackmail

Putin is quite rational to cut off Germany’s energy supplies, as long as Germany goes along with EU sanctions and continues to supply Ukraine with deadly weapons that kill thousands of young and irreplaceable Russian men. It would have been more effective to hit Berlin with cold reality during the depths of winter, but perhaps giving the idiots in Germany more time to shiver in fear and impotence will have a stronger psychological effect in the long run.

It would be nice if advanced nations could fall back on nuclear fusion or advanced nuclear fission, but thanks to Green political machinations, such safe and effective forms of large-scale reliable electric power have had to take a back seat to unreliable intermittent Green energy, in terms of political funding in most countries of the world.

Russia has a lot of oil & gas (and nuclear warheads), a lot of wheat, and a lot of cold, bad weather. Russia also has a dismal demographic outlook which it hoped to fix by annexing Ukraine to Russia, giving Putin 45 million more people to play with. But all of Putin’s oil & gas did not convince the Ukrainian people or their government to play along with Putin’s “great transition” for them. Rather than becoming Russian serfs, the Ukrainian people chose to bleed and die as a free, relatively poor people. This choice caught Putin by surprise, for some odd reason. The consequences are like to to be dour for all concerned.

[As] Russians experience a full-spectrum strategic defeat and Ukraine indeed becomes the graveyard of their renewed imperial ambitions, this [will] provoke an internal power struggle in Moscow and set in motion a chain reaction that could lead to the removal of Vladimir Putin.

Geopolitical Monitor

Imperial ambitions can be compulsively addictive, and Putin reveals the truth of that like no other recent dictator since Hitler. But empires eventually collapse on the excessive ambitions of their promoters. It rarely happens gracefully.

…normally, when empires fall apart, the old imperial powers reinvent themselves, finding a new identity as nation-states, he says. This hasn’t happened yet for Russia. “We believed, in 1991, that the Soviet Union came to an end, and a new era started,” Plokhy says. And for many people, including many Ukrainians, it did. “But it didn’t start for the core group” — for Russia, or at least for its elite.

As an Empire in Collapse

Putin is capable of spreading a great deal more misery around, which he is likely to do if he lives long enough. All of that misery will rebound back onto Russia with grand dividends. “Live by the sword, die by the sword…” would have been a good maxim for the Kremlin to live by. Sadly, Putin is more like a spoiled brat who has always gotten his way and always expects to. Russia will have to be disciplined from the outside.

Thousands of armored vehicles lost

Covert Action Continues Inside Russia

Snake Island and the Beginning of the Real War

Putin expected Ukraine to be an easy target for his imperial annexation machine. After that, the Baltic States, Moldova, and the designed collapse of NATO. Instead, Ukrainians resisted Putin’s slavery, NATO solidified and expanded, and every nation within 5,000 miles of the borders of Russia suddenly saw Russia as erratic, weak, and dying — although not as quickly as most might like.

The Russian Debt Default Bomb & Sanctions | Peter Zeihan – YouTube

Putin’s War, Putin’s Choice

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