A Detailed Video Expose’ of Emerging Artillery War


The artillery war in Eastern and Southern Ukraine is just getting started. The effect of new western artillery systems is just beginning to be felt by the invading forces. Longer range weapons systems with greater accuracy of fire will give Ukrainian defenses a more powerful punch against the raw firepower advantage possessed by Russia.

Russia is beginning to experience serious fallout from its unwise agression, back at home. One sign of Putin’s growing desperation is his willingness to antagonize his best foreign customers by cutting off their energy supplies. Putin has been betting on the incompetence of western energy policymakers, who have been betting their countries on unreliable green energy systems. He has also been betting on the “wokeness” of western countries, which is a form of decadence in the west which Putin himself has helped along for decades by financing woke insurgencies in western countries.

Russia has a lot of artillery firepower in reserve. What it does not have is an ample force of dedicated manpower. And the morale problem is growing steadily worse:

Russian forces continue to face desertion and personnel shortages. Pro-Russian Telegram channel Moscow Calling published an image of a billboard listing 300 servicemen of the 205th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade of the 49th Combined Arms Army who refused to participate in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.[28] The Ukrainian General Staff had previously reported that the 205th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade (based in Budyonnovsk, Stavrolpol Krai) was deployed to Mariupol and Zaporizhia Oblast efforts on March 3.[29] The billboard further supports the Ukrainian General Staff’s report that Russian forces are seeing increasing cases of disobedience and desertion within Russian forces.[30]

Ukrainian partisans continued to target Russian collaborators and Russian occupation authorities on July 10 and July 11. The Ukrainian Resistance Center and Russian Telegram channels confirmed that unknown assailants killed Russian-appointed Head of Velyky Burluk (northeastern Kharkiv Oblast) Yevgeniy Yunakov by planting an explosive device on his car.[31] The attack happened only four days after Russian occupation authorities announced the creation of the Russian occupation administration in occupied settlements of Kharkiv Oblast.[32] Russian milblogger Yuri Kotyenok also reported that unknown assailants (presumably Ukrainian partisans) attempted to assassinate Russian-appointed Kherson Oblast Military-Civil Administration Head Vladimir Saldo by planting an improvised explosive device along his drive.[33] Russian media also reported that “Ukrainian regime militants” attempted to kill Melitopol District Head Andrey Sigutu on July 11.[34]

Manpower Shortages and Morale Problems

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Shocking COVID facts

New coronavirus variant emerges in India

Thanks to Chinese obfuscation, there is a lot that we do not know about the history of the Wuhan coronavirus, and how it came to be such a godawfully contagious virus all of a sudden (2019). But it is clear that it was made in the lab using “gain of function” methods at least partially supported by the US NIH.

The Chinese may have been thinking of using the virus in conjunction with a future invasion of Taiwan. If an invading force vaccinates its own soldiers, while infecting the mass of enemy soldiers and civilians in the country it wishes to invade, resistance to the invasion is apt to crumble quickly.

Unfortunately for the Chinese, an inconvenient lab leak disrupted all their calculations and forced a massive coverup instead.

Secret weapons of mass destruction is nothing new for totalitarian countries. The USSR was full of secret labs developing biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons of every conceivable type. Former Soviet states such as Ukraine have had their hands full cleaning up after their dirty Soviet pasts. Russia never even tried to clean up, it just continued with the deadly game.

Ukrainians know Russia all too well. That is why most of them would rather die than to go back under the Russian yoke. They did not start the war, Putin did. But they have no intention of surrendering, and they will certainly not accept any sort of treaty with Russia. Russia does not honor treaties, especially with countries that it has already said do not really exist.

The sooner Putin is done away with, the better the chances that Russia can survive beyond the next decade and a half.

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2 Responses to A Detailed Video Expose’ of Emerging Artillery War

  1. Snake Oil Baron says:

    I’m not so sure getting rid of Putin would be helpful to Ukraine at this stage. Like Hitler, killing him before he started the war would be a great thing but killing him after would cause him to be replaced by someone with the same aims and attitudes (they are good at keeping people who don’t see things like them far from the seats of power) but with less incompetence and emotional instability—the last thing Ukraine needs is someone ruling Russia who still wants to colonize them for the “Russian world” (reich) but is competent and dispassionate in that pursuit.

    • alfin2101 says:

      In Russia, it takes time for a new leader to get the people behind him. Yeltsin gave Putin the time he needed. Putin is not giving anyone else any time at all. The instability of a new virtually unknown leader who has not been properly introduced during a time of unprovoked brutal war with a closely related nation, and a crisis of collapsing demography, will contribute to an inevitable disintegration of the Russian state.
      It is not just the people, of course. But any leader who is acceptable to the elites will not necessarily be acceptable to the people. Russia is ripe for another popular insurgency, and getting riper by the day.

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