Don’t Look Now, But Russia is Dying

Russia needs more people, fast!

…Russia is dying. It’s been well-established that Russia has suffered from a severe brain-drain in recent decades, but what is perhaps less obvious is that the nation’s population is declining at an alarming rate.

Russia has concluded that in order to fully assimilate occupied Ukraine, it must first annihilate it culturally and politically. Ukraine, as a national identity distinct from Russia, cannot co-exist in the retro-czarist fantasy that Putin is pursuing. Instituting a national policy of mass-migration from their communities to foreign lands reflects his profound delusional obsession with resurrecting the Russian Empire. What is being done is not the extermination of a people, but of a people’s identity

Borrowing Trouble: A Mass Abduction in a Time of War

Every unhappy Ukrainian that Putin drags into Russia is a time-bomb waiting to explode all over him and his criminal regime. But back in Ukraine, an insurgency of partisan fighters is gearing up to resist the Russian occupation from here to eternity. Already hundreds of Russian troops have been “destroyed” by these freedom fighters, and the more territory Russia occupies, the bloodier the resistance will become.

Russia Wants to Steal As Much of Ukraine as Possible

As partisan attacks will likely continue, Russian efforts to absorb and stabilize Ukrainian territory will be exceptionally difficult. The Russians will have to fight a two-front war, split between internal and external threats. This split – if properly exploited – could cripple the Russian occupying forces from within. 

Putin’s Demographic War Has Huge Risks

Russian Military “Running Out of Steam”

The Russian military seems to be running out of steam, so to speak. Lack of ammunition and basic supplies because of the Ukrainian long-range fires now join the pervasive manpower issues that the Russian military has been facing for some time now. Time is running out for Putin, and his Kremlin advisers concerning Kherson and, indeed, potentially other occupied Ukrainian territories, and they might try to annex them in the immediate future because that would provide some sense of security—howsoever legally bogus that might be—to the territories as they would nominally be considered part of Russia.

Russia’s Demographic Disaster Becomes a Military Disaster

The Ukrainian military is climbing up a steep combat learning curve in an effort to resist a national slavery under the Russian mafia government in Moscow.

Ukrainians have proved themselves resourceful and faster learners, requiring much less time to master modern weapons systems. All NATO needed to do was deliver the vehicles, in working order, to the Ukrainian border with Poland, Slovakia or Romania and the Ukrainian troops would do the rest, including crossing the border to receive training in operation and maintenance of the armored vehicles. Ukraine insists that M1 tanks would be the ideal weapon to spearhead its offensive operations. These tanks would be high-priority targets for Russian attacks and Ukrainians would do whatever it takes to get the M1s to where they are needed and keep them operational. As in other recent situations, the Ukrainians have demonstrated an ability to be resourceful and inventive in their use of these Western weapons. Many Western tank officers and civilian armor specialists believe Ukraine should get the M1s. How else is anyone going to find out how much the M1 can take and remain operational against a near-peer opponent?

Resisting the Brutal Invader By Every Means

Russia is losing too many tanks

Russia is losing too many vehicles (9,000 plus)

Newest, Most Advanced Russian Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine

All Putin really wanted, to begin with, was to increase Russia’s population by 45 million people. Sure, he said he wanted to rape Ukraine, but he also said that Ukraine was not a real country anyway. He also said that he himself was another Peter the Great, leading Russia in a great war of conquest and territorial acquisition.

He thought it would all be over within a few days after the start of the invasion in late February 2022. He was wrong. Everything he has done in an effort to mitigate his early errors is only making it worse for Russia, in the long run.

Most Russian men who are Putin’s age are already dead. His judgment is clearly shot. But as long as he can pick up the phone and have anyone in Russia killed — and their family too — the Russian elite will hesitate to do what should have been done long ago.

First China’s Working Age Population Crashes

Then China’s Population At Large Collapses

But Long Before That China’s Economy Craters

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3 Responses to Don’t Look Now, But Russia is Dying

  1. Cervi says:

    [Admin: The reason Russia is dying is not because of Putin’s miscalculation in Ukraine. It was happening anyway. Instead of becoming indignant when your own viewpoint is contradicted, why not watch the demographics video at the end of the posting above? It is clear, objective, and well documented. The war in Ukraine is neither here nor there, although Putin was hoping to reverse Russia’s population collapse by annexing the country. ]

    Western support for Ukraine hurts Russia, but not in any way that changes the outcome in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Europe is willfully having their energy supplies shut off to spite their own population, and further damage the economies of all the West. Not just stupid, evil too.

    • Cervi says:

      Okay, looking at all the data then, why has Russia pleaded with the West since 2014 to stop the interference and even violence against ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine??

      Why did they continually warn about NATO interference, after looking the other way for 20 years of broken agreements about NATO buildup on russian’s periphery.
      Why did Russia as late as the end of 2021 again try repeatedly to get NATO interference in Ukraine to stop, and warn that war would occur if some agreement can’t be reached?

      Why has NATO and its US minions ignore that and actively push for war??

      Russia a mere 6 months ago would have agreed to avoid war– if the the relevant Ukrainian provinces that wanted independence were granted it. They had no intention to annex those regions.

      Russia is not some perfect state, and it has corruption on levels that most of the West doens’t. But it shouldn’t be an enemy of Europe, indeed there should be closer co-operation– as Russia has wanted since 1998. Who is dividing Russia?? Russia does have enemies, not merely others with different interests, but hostile groups. So does the West.

      See here, they actual spell it out:

      Think of what happened in Iraq. Saddam and his regime were corrupt and brutal, but the alternative were and became with Western interfrerence far worse, as predicted. So, who wanted war with Iraq??? The same groups pushing for war with Russia.

      • alfin2101 says:

        Yes, I’ve heard the whole story dozens of times. But it doesn’t wash. Putin is on an aggressive crusade and war of acquisition because he thinks he can do whatever he wants without negative consequences.
        NATO never had a binding agreement with Russia not to accept new applicants. It has broken no international laws or treaties.
        Ukraine chose not to join NATO so as not to provoke Russia. But the people of Ukraine do not want to be slaves of Russia. So they fight and die.
        Russia just wanted Ukraine’s 145 million people because of Russia’s demographic collapse, and because without Ukraine, Russia could not be an empire any more. A war of expansionism on Putin’s (Peter the Great) part, which he framed in “rape” language just before the invasion.
        Russia has been occupying east Ukraine (besides Crimea) since 2014. Without Russia as aggressive occupiers and ethnic cleansers, east Ukraine would lawfully participate in Ukraine’s political and economic landscape.
        Russia insists on a genocidal scorched earth war. For that, it must pay a huge price.

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