Wagner Group HQ Destroyed; 100 Mercenaries Dead

As many as 100 mercenaries are believed to have been killed in the massive strike, including several deputy chiefs. Yevgeny Prigozhin is not believed to have been killed in the strike. Prigozhin, often referred to as “Putin’s chief,” had not responded to the strike as of Monday night. 

Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, revealed some information about the attack in a television interview

The HIMARS strikes were also confirmed on the Russian Telegram channel Radio Liberty and various Wagner PMC Telegram channels. 

“I cannot disclose the details of this operation yet but, if it turns out that over 100 Wagner mercenaries from the leadership team have been killed, well, it will be nothing new to us,” he said. “Unfortunately, regarding ‘Putin’s chief,’ most likely we will not have such great news. But his deputies, yes.”

Video footage that also appeared on social media over the weekend, allegedly filmed by a Ukrainian, showed Russian soldiers loading the bodies of deceased Wagner soldiers into trucks at the site of the strike. The man filming the video can be heard making derogatory comments about the soldiers. 

Indigestion in the Kremlin

Crimea Under Fire: Russian Logistics for Kherson Region Blasted

The Ukrainian military is taking out the important logistical hubs that run Russian operations in Ukraine. The latest target was a large ammunition and fuel dump in Crimea. This is the second strike against the annexed peninsula in less than 10 days after the Ukrainian military took out several Russian fighter and bomber jets at the Saky Air Base in Crimea.

The Russian military launched offenses around Kherson in an attempt to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive or frustrate its momentum, but both Russian ground assaults in the north and northwest part of the southern front failed.

Russian Civilians in Crimea Making an Exit

Putin still wants to take over the entire country of Ukraine. He promised to “rape” Ukraine, and has repeatedly said that Ukraine is not a real country. He talks like a mafia tough guy, but on the ground things are not going very well for him.

Attacks on Russian positions in and around Crimea are likely part of a coherent Ukrainian counter-offensive to regain control of the west bank of the Dnipro River. Russian supply lines from Crimea directly support Russian forces in mainland Ukraine including those in western Kherson Oblast. Ukraine’s targeting of Russian ground lines of communication and logistic and support assets in Crimea is consistent with the Ukrainian counteroffensive effort that has also targeted bridges over the Dnipro River and Russian logistical support elements in occupied Kherson Oblast.[7] The net effects of this campaign will likely be to disrupt the ability of Russian forces to sustain mechanized forces on the west bank of the Dnipro River and to defend them with air and artillery assets on the east bank from Ukrainian counterattacks.

Crimea is Officially Part of Ukraine

Germany Caught in the Cross-Fire: Energy Crisis in Germany Worsens

Over the past 20 years, Germany made itself fatally vulnerable to Russian natural gas. The German government under Angela Merkel did this for ideological reasons, against all logic and reason. Now, there will be hell to pay.

Electric power costs continue to sky-rocket in Deutschland

Germany now knows it is in trouble

Germany ramps up “dirty coal” consumption

In 2009, nuclear energy and natural gas accounted for 11 percent and 22 percent, respectively, of Germany’s primary energy consumption.

By 2021, nuclear energy had fallen to 6 percent of Germany’s primary energy consumption whereas natural gas had increased to more than 30 percent. By the first half of 2022, nuclear power provided for only 3.1 percent of Germany’s primary energy consumption.

A Fatal Trajectory for Deutschland
2010 Germany via Reason
2021 Germany via Reason

It is not entirely clear from the images above, but all of Germany’s claims for their renewable energy sector are lies and deceptive exaggerations. The first image is from 2010 and the lower image is from 2021. Over those 11 years, nominal wind and solar energy production “rose” from 1% of total consumption to just over 5% of total consumption (see the image expansions top and bottom and look specifically at “wind” and “solar.”)

But the intermittent and unreliable nature of wind and solar means that those two renewable energy sources are net power liabilities rather than net power assets. Germany cannot base its huge industrial export economy on any amount of intermittent wind and solar. That is why Germany is suddenly scrambling to bring back nuclear and coal power, now that its unwise gamble on Russian fossil fuels has backfired so badly.

The fact that the Germans put themselves under the Russian thumb in such a naive and hapless manner reveals far more about the German character and rationality than most Germans are ready to understand at this time.

A slow shift in German popular sentiment on nuclear energy.

Peter Zeihan predicts that China will not exist under current management in ten years. He predicts the same fate for Russia within twenty years. But since Putin’s demented miscalculation in Ukraine, Russia’s prospects for survival have been curtailed drastically. Due to its massive energy mismanagement over the past decade, Germany should also be placed on the endangered list.


A Complex Resistance and Reconquista

The Kremlin’s Problems With Manpower

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